Journey Through Capetown, South Africa

I had heard Capetown, South Africa was gorgeous, but I was in for a surprise when I saw exactly how beautiful. A few months ago, my hubby and I went on our annual two week international trip to Capetown (he has cousins there so it was nice to stay with them, 4 days), Spain (Madrid (1 day), Seville (2 days), Barcelona (3 days)) and Milan (2 days).  First off, the flight to Capetown is a whopping 27 hour flight that we had broken down with a stop in Doha, Qatar with a 9 hour layover which was perfect because we got to do a free city tour provided by Qatar Airways to go and see the city which was like a mini Dubai!

I’ll preface the post by saying we didn’t do a safari because the good safari’s are actually a plane ride away and we didn’t have time for it unless we spent the entire 2 weeks in Africa. We also didn’t go shark diving because it takes up half a day along with Robben Island (Nelson Mandela’s cell) which takes up half a day- we thought we’d save those for next time! However, we packed quite a bit into our four days in Capetown- we were lucky to have such wonderful family there to accompany us:

Day 1

My hubby and I don’t like to waste time on trips and we were so ecstatic when we landed at 9am that we used the entire day to explore and not sleep.

We went into the town to walk around the city and enjoy some of the coffee shops.

Afterwards, we made our way over to one of the most isolated and peaceful areas- Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. I wanted to just sit down, read poems and write life lessons!

We ended the evening with watching the gorgeous sunset from Signal Hill and then dinner at a new up and coming market that had restaurants from all around.

Day 2

The second day started off with going over to Biscuit Mill which is every Saturday in Capetown with some of the most amazing food. It is a market with different vendors with all types of food. It was amazingly delicious.

We then headed over to take a cable car up Table Mountain which again was absolutely breathtaking. You can hike Table Mountain as well, but it is for experts only and you need about 6 hours (on my list for next time)!
We strolled on over to Victoria’s Waterfront area which reminded me of Boston and Nantucket- I loved the restaurants and shops- so much life!

Afterwards, we hiked Lion’s Head that same day. I was shocked at the fact that it was a real hike- I had only done small “hikes” prior to this so I was in for a surprise, but it was more than worth it. Next time around, I will definitely be prepared! It was great because we went around sunset time which was even more breathtaking than the day before and looked completely different.

The day ended with dinner at a delicious traditional Ethiopian restaurant called Addis.

Day 3

The third day was bittersweet since it was my absolute favorite, but ended with me getting a really bad stomach virus! The entire day we went to wineries all around Stellenbosch and Franschooek (about 45-90 minutes outside of Capetown). We didn’t get to complete our entire list since we were awed by the scenery and wanted to just sit and stare; however, towards the end we would just drive to wineries for the views in hopes to get the most we could in. I literally thought I was in heaven- I’ve been to Tuscany and Napa and thought I had seen the best, but my was this on a different level.

I enjoyed Franschooek more than Stellenbosch even though both were amazing because of its’ French influence and France-like countryside vineyards. I honestly was stunned every time we turned a corner and thought I’d faint from the gorgeous views. You can’t go wrong with any winery, but if you want a complete list of where we went, then be sure to contact me!

We ended the day with going into the town of Stellenbosch and walking around prior to dinner at FatButcher.

Day 4

The last day was also a pretty packed full day. We did Chapman’s Peak Drive (one of the most scenic drives ever) on our way to Boulder’s Beach and Cape of Good Hope.

We got to see ostrich’s, baboons, mountain lizards and my favorite- penguins!

I also had fun seeing the southern most tip of Africa (just like the southernmost tip of the U.S. in Key West) and the point where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean’s meet.

Having locals who were family in Capetown that live in a fabulous apartment with views of the beach and table mountain definitely made it a more unique and fun experience, but Capetown at any time is amazing- just remember to always take a light jacket or cardigan as it gets a bit chili at night being so close to water! Stay tuned for upcoming posts from the rest of the trip!

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