5 reasons Why To Visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

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Ferrari World is a big hit among avid travelers and for those who are want to add the extra layer of spice and excitement to their trip to the UAE. Ferrari World encompasses several elements which give a visit here a unique experience. The Ferrari World is a theme park which is dedicated and created by the Italian Motor giant, the Ferrari, who is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Feel the adrenaline rush in your veins as you indulge in exciting and thrilling rides at the Ferrari World.

We have listed some of the reasons why Ferrari World Abu Dhabi should be on top of your checklist when you tour the cosmopolitan cities of the UAE.

  1. A journey to remember

The shape of the Ferrari World has been inspired by the shape of this iconic Ferrari GT body. With an accessible area of the 86,000-meter square which is equivalent to 7 football fields. Indulge in any of the 20+ Ferrari world Abu Dhabi rides and enjoy the adrenaline rush in your veins you were always looking out for. The experiences are unforgettable and memorable no matter what you indulge in the Ferrari World. It appeals to a wide audience of different age groups and interests. In addition, it is open all through the year and maintained at a constant temperature of 24°C which makes it a big relief from the extreme heat in the UAE. The 4-D experience which features fantasy dreamscape, venturing into ocean depths, and flying along the cliffs is something which you would have never experienced in your lifetime. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ticket prices are also reasonably priced which makes it an ideal family visit even when traveling on a fixed budget.

  1. Race with your friends and family
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Feel the excitement of participating in one of the most exciting racing competitions across the globe competing with your family and friends. It is just an amazing experience something which you got to witness, and cannot be described. The twists and turns during the competition make you feel like passing through a breeze and guarantee a once in a lifetime experience. One of the popular options includes the Fiorano GT Challenge where you get a hands on experience on the Ferrari F430 Spider as you launch away on the twisting parallel tracks. One can feel the G-Force as you kiss speeds of 95km/h as you compete in the exciting race.

  1. Speed thrills

Ferrari world gives you a rare opportunity to gets hands on experience on the faster roller coasters rides in the world. The ride kicks off with a hydraulic launch that matches the speed of the planes that take off from the aircraft carriers. The speeds offered by these simulations are not found or experienced anywhere else in the world. The Formula Rossa gives you a thrilling experience to match a top speed of 240km/h. Tighten your seat belts as you are sure to experience 1.7G during the course of this ride. Once you have completed the ride, you definitely have something to brag about.

  1. Get hands on experience on the racing simulator
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Ferrari world features some of the most sophisticated simulators. Ask your local operator for a solo trip or group packages and for Ferrari World discount tickets. In the Scuderia challenge, you can indulge in a different level of realism which spices up the excitement factor. The fun and thrilling racing competitions coupled with the various challenges thrown in during the race definitely gives the much needed boost to your senses. The Ferrari world features a state of the art racing simulations behind every challenge and race. The Scuderia Challenge gives a sense of realism which can only be experienced in the actual race circuits.

  1. Engage your kids on the wheels
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There are very few places which catch the interest of the little ones and it is really hard to keep them engaged in a particular activity. The Ferrari World takes care of all age groups for that matter. The Experts ensure that the kids are adept at the art of racing and driving challenges which they would probably encounter later in their lives like traffic rules, road laws, and road signs. The Junior Pilot’s Driving School gives the much-needed head start on driving to the little ones.

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