Yes, you can wear a skirt to workout!

I’ve always been a believer of dressing like you may run into your worst enemy at any given moment (fashion advice from Coco Chanel herself)- so yes, that includes working out!

Whether it is a run, yoga, biking, hiking or rock climbing even- you can still wear a fashionable workout skirt. Now, I’m not talking about a skort (fashion faux pas- unless you’re rocking the 80’s look), but I’m obsessed with this Jette Capri Skirt from Skirt Sports.

This workout skirt is perfect with it’s tights attached underneath and the tights have mini hidden pockets! I used to be made fun of for wearing a dress and tights to go on a hike, but I wanted a feminine and unique touch to my hiking gear.

Spice up your hiking gear with a fashionable book bag, shoes and jacket!

Is this workout skirt not your style? There are tons of different types out there- the tennis look, golfing skirts, the tight or loose look or of course just a traditional cotton blend skirt will do- check out some options below:



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