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    What I Wore

    Remember my Not-So-Maternity-Wear post? Well, here’s another addition- buy dresses that are bigger to begin with as their style! This one is great because it is nursing friendly as well since it has buttons all the way down- and the best part is, it is an XXS and still fit me at 34 weeks and probably will fit after as well- great find at Kate Spade! Their sizing is amazing for being pregnant! What is your go to flowy dress?! Also, the best part is that the dress is navy blue! Remember my post on why navy is awesome?! And lastly, the brown and white stripe signature style of Henri…

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    Fashionably Pregnant

    This picture was taken when I was right around 5 months preggo mainly to let all the moms-to-be know you can still dress stylish and wear pencil skirts! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to fit into my own clothes for a while and to have hand me down maternity clothes. The clothes in this picture are not maternity, but look below for some cute maternity clothes options and my top sites for the few that I have bought: Rosie Pope Clothes: Lots of cute options, style is very dressy and casual Price: Expensive Side Hatch Clothes: Very stylish, “flowy” options Price: Very expensive H&M Maternity Clothes: Something for…

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    A Weekend in L.A.

    L.A. isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but we went for a weekend back in October and it only confirmed my liking for NYC and the east coast more. It’s a great place for those whose personality fits it. However, we still had a great time and though I may not be going back to make yearly trips, it’s definitely worth visiting once- it’s definitely a stay over and not a destination. My favorite part was the healthy food options no matter where you go and hiking to the back of the Hollywood sign! Housing We stayed at 1600 Vine Street apartments– an AirBnB find. It was the first time…

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    How to Converse With Style.

    The look on my face when my vintage rotary telephone arrived in the mail was priceless (a surprise from my sister as a part of my Christmas gift from LNC home). I’ve always wanted one, but didn’t know they existed for purchase. I have an appreciation for the finer things in life and a knack for antique additions to my guest room (Remember my post about ‘The Suite Life?”). The best part about it is that it actually works and I use it which makes it all that better (yes, I still have a landline- I’m an old school gal). The intricate carvings and designs on it are flawless. However,…

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    Topcoats Aren’t Just for Men.

    I absolutely adore topcoats. Topcoats usually don’t have buttons or zippers and can’t close or they shouldn’t. They are meant to show off your outfit and still provide layers and warmth. Men usually wear it over a suit and leave it open; however, it can be essential for a woman who wants the world to see her outfit. It can also be used as a long blazer to make the outfit appear more dressed up. It’s perfect for Autumn time! Get yours now:

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    How to Wear a Pencil Skirt.

    Pencil skirts: poise, professional and perfect. I adore pencil skirts and own quite a few of them. Many women think they don’t have a body to wear a pencil skirt; however, that is not true at all. It’s all about how you wear it based on your body type and what you pair it with. That is the beauty of pencil skirts- they fit all types of bodies and they can be worn for any occasion! If your body is a(n)… 1. Hourglass- Lucky- we all envy you, but your key is to emphasize your waist by tucking in your top or wearing a crop top. 2. Pear-shaped- Wear an…