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    What I Wore

    Remember my Not-So-Maternity-Wear post? Well, here’s another addition- buy dresses that are bigger to begin with as their style! This one is great because it is nursing friendly as well since it has buttons all the way down- and the best part is, it is an XXS and still fit me at 34 weeks and probably will fit after as well- great find at Kate Spade! Their sizing is amazing for being pregnant! What is your go to flowy dress?! Also, the best part is that the dress is navy blue! Remember my post on why navy is awesome?! And lastly, the brown and white stripe signature style of Henri…

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    Fashionably Pregnant

    This picture was taken when I was right around 5 months preggo mainly to let all the moms-to-be know you can still dress stylish and wear pencil skirts! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to fit into my own clothes for a while and to have hand me down maternity clothes. The clothes in this picture are not maternity, but look below for some cute maternity clothes options and my top sites for the few that I have bought: Rosie Pope Clothes: Lots of cute options, style is very dressy and casual Price: Expensive Side Hatch Clothes: Very stylish, “flowy” options Price: Very expensive H&M Maternity Clothes: Something for…

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    Lady in London

    About a month ago, we went to London, Ireland and Scotland for our babymoon. We actually planned the trip months before I knew I was pregnant, but then we just made it into a babymoon! We only had a week so we packed ALOT in! I had already been to London for a week a few years ago, so we really just hit the highlights for Jibin! Tips 1. It was cold in May, so definitely make sure you pack a jacket- especially a rain jacket! 2. Check the hours for palaces and days for when the you can visit. 3. Food is amazing anywhere and everywhere in London. 4.…

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    Yes, you can wear a skirt to workout!

    I’ve always been a believer of dressing like you may run into your worst enemy at any given moment (fashion advice from Coco Chanel herself)- so yes, that includes working out! Whether it is a run, yoga, biking, hiking or rock climbing even- you can still wear a fashionable workout skirt. Now, I’m not talking about a skort (fashion faux pas- unless you’re rocking the 80’s look), but I’m obsessed with this Jette Capri Skirt from Skirt Sports. This workout skirt is perfect with it’s tights attached underneath and the tights have mini hidden pockets! I used to be made fun of for wearing a dress and tights to go…

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    Topcoats Aren’t Just for Men.

    I absolutely adore topcoats. Topcoats usually don’t have buttons or zippers and can’t close or they shouldn’t. They are meant to show off your outfit and still provide layers and warmth. Men usually wear it over a suit and leave it open; however, it can be essential for a woman who wants the world to see her outfit. It can also be used as a long blazer to make the outfit appear more dressed up. It’s perfect for Autumn time! Get yours now:

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    How to Wear a Pencil Skirt.

    Pencil skirts: poise, professional and perfect. I adore pencil skirts and own quite a few of them. Many women think they don’t have a body to wear a pencil skirt; however, that is not true at all. It’s all about how you wear it based on your body type and what you pair it with. That is the beauty of pencil skirts- they fit all types of bodies and they can be worn for any occasion! If your body is a(n)… 1. Hourglass- Lucky- we all envy you, but your key is to emphasize your waist by tucking in your top or wearing a crop top. 2. Pear-shaped- Wear an…

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    The Multi-functional Dress

    Shop on Tobi to get this dress and many others like it! This gorgeous form-fitting grey bodycon dress with a choker neckline can be worn once again for many occasions and serve as a top or a dress (read on to find out how). Just like my crop top last week- this is also from my Tobi Collaboration! Look below to see how to make it look like a top! Remember my post on when you’re traveling and how to consolidate outfits? Similar concept here: Dress: Tobi Skirt: Fashionme Scarf: Louis Vuitton Purse: Chanel

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    How to Wear Your Own Clothes.

    I know what you’re thinking- what do you mean how to wear my own clothes? I wear my clothes all the time! Key word- own. Yes, I made that floral cyan, high-waisted, A-line, skirt with in-seam pockets, an invisible zipper, lining and pleats! I am donning a couture skirt made by yours truly… and get this, it was the first skirt I ever made in the span of a month without ever knowing how to sew. How so, you wonder? Well, I’ve always had an interest in fashion and being a designer, but I’d much rather be a fashion dictator by designing clothes! Read on to find out! The outfit:…

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    How to Sport Red, White & Blue in a Classy Way.

    Getting ready for Murica’s birthday and thinking about what to wear to that fourth of July party? It’s obvious you should wear red, white and blue, but don’t throw up in those colors or mix and match when it doesn’t look right. Make sure you add a special touch or a hint of a color here and there! Add a hint of red to your white and blue with a bold juicy red lipstick. That’s the great thing about red lipstick- there are millions of shades out there and every girl has to find the right one for her. Or add a special touch with red pumps to your cute…

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    Why You Should Wear Scarves in the Spring

    I know what you’re thinking- why should I ever wear a scarf in the spring? It’s not cold anymore and I don’t want to think about things to keep me warm. Well, scarves aren’t just for the cold. They are one of my favorite accessories and can be worn in any temperature. What does matter is the type of scarf and how you wear it. One of my favorite types of scarves of all time is a classic french girl scarf like a neck tie. Not only does this spice up the outfit, but adds a polished touch or contrasted look to the outfit (no you won’t look like a…