How to Get Couture Party Invitations with Basic Invite

As we all start to transition into our mid and late 30s, we tend to change up a few things in life that are now truly “adult life.” Once such way to do so is personalized and formal correspondence for invitations, business cards, announcements and holiday/birthday cards. Another great way is personalized websites for your event (for all you millennial’s). Luckily, there is a website called Basic Invite
that allows you to do all of this for free! You may ask how is this any different from Evite or Paperless Post? Well, this incorporates many different things you can purchase and truly customize vs just invitation and it allows you to create a free website for your event to make RSVP’s that much simpler and gather addresses in a stylish format! Basic invite is anything but BASIC.

Birthday Cards are always a great way to let someone know you’re thinking about them and to be honest, personalized birthday cards with a picture or personal message in them make it all that better. Go ahead and order them for the whole year for anyone you may send a birthday card to and make someone feel truly special!

Basic Invite is the only website that allows you to truly customize your cards, stationary, birthday party invitations, party invitation, kids birthday party invitation, other invites or business cards by having an unlimited colors options for the actual item and envelopes. They also have foil versions to make it look more formal and elegant. The best feature is the free address capturing system that allows you to ask friends and family for addresses in a formal matter without having to do much work yourself or send a tacky text stating, “Can I have you address?”

Basic Invite collaborated with Little Blue Book and sent me 5 free stationary items that I was able to personalize and I am obsessed! Go ahead and make an item, you’ll get a FREE sample of anything before you buy it (extremely unique)! Right now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code 15FF51.

Get ideas for your next birthday party invitation- Check out photos of what they offer and follow them at @basicinvite:
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The above stationary is something complimentary Basic Invite sent me- I had so much fun designing them and I was truly amazed at the card stock when it arrived and the envelopes have sticky sheets on them to avoid having to lick any covers!
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