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    Palm Springs

    I took a trip to Palm Springs, California with my Mom back at the beginning of January during the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It was AMAZING. Palm Springs shares similarities to Scottsdale, Arizona, but with slightly different activities. Palm Springs is the ultimate getaway to be in touch with nature, relax and be surrounded by celebs. How to get there1. Palm Springs Airport- we booked our tickets 6-7 months in advance because I knew I wanted to go during the film festival so we got roundtrip tickets from ATL to Palm Springs Airport on Delta for $468. By the way, this airport is amazing- most of it is outdoors.…

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    What I Wore

    Remember my Not-So-Maternity-Wear post? Well, here’s another addition- buy dresses that are bigger to begin with as their style! This one is great because it is nursing friendly as well since it has buttons all the way down- and the best part is, it is an XXS and still fit me at 34 weeks and probably will fit after as well- great find at Kate Spade! Their sizing is amazing for being pregnant! What is your go to flowy dress?! Also, the best part is that the dress is navy blue! Remember my post on why navy is awesome?! And lastly, the brown and white stripe signature style of Henri…

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    Delicious and Easy Chili Paneer

    My sister sent me this fantastic recipe. I tasted it at her house a couple months ago and knew I had to make it! See below for the recipe and a video link as well as my modifications to the recipe! Recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/chilli-paneer-recipe-paneer-chilli-dry/ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCi59Sx19Ew&app=desktop Modifications: 1) No sugar 2) Used coconut flour instead of cornstarch 3) For the sauce, I combined chili garlic sauce, soy sauce, ketchup and sweet and sour chili sauce 4) Further modifications for the future: substitute paneer with tofu and/or sweet potato for a healthier option! Enjoy!

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    Fashionably Pregnant

    This picture was taken when I was right around 5 months preggo mainly to let all the moms-to-be know you can still dress stylish and wear pencil skirts! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to fit into my own clothes for a while and to have hand me down maternity clothes. The clothes in this picture are not maternity, but look below for some cute maternity clothes options and my top sites for the few that I have bought: Rosie Pope Clothes: Lots of cute options, style is very dressy and casual Price: Expensive Side Hatch Clothes: Very stylish, “flowy” options Price: Very expensive H&M Maternity Clothes: Something for…

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    A Weekend in L.A.

    L.A. isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but we went for a weekend back in October and it only confirmed my liking for NYC and the east coast more. It’s a great place for those whose personality fits it. However, we still had a great time and though I may not be going back to make yearly trips, it’s definitely worth visiting once- it’s definitely a stay over and not a destination. My favorite part was the healthy food options no matter where you go and hiking to the back of the Hollywood sign! Housing We stayed at 1600 Vine Street apartments– an AirBnB find. It was the first time…

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    Yes, you can wear a skirt to workout!

    I’ve always been a believer of dressing like you may run into your worst enemy at any given moment (fashion advice from Coco Chanel herself)- so yes, that includes working out! Whether it is a run, yoga, biking, hiking or rock climbing even- you can still wear a fashionable workout skirt. Now, I’m not talking about a skort (fashion faux pas- unless you’re rocking the 80’s look), but I’m obsessed with this Jette Capri Skirt from Skirt Sports. This workout skirt is perfect with it’s tights attached underneath and the tights have mini hidden pockets! I used to be made fun of for wearing a dress and tights to go…

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    The Best of Barcelona in 2 Days

    Yes, that’s the classic picture when you think of Barcelona! Gaudi inspirations are of course all over the city. This particular infamous picture is at Park Guell. We went to Barcelona about 6 months ago when we went to Capetown, Milan and Spain. I absolutely loved Barcelona- I could definitely live there- after all, I’m a big city gal. Of course, we walked everywhere- but things in Barcelona are more spread out than other places, so be prepared to walk alot if you choose to walk everywhere! From the food to sightseeing and to shopping (of course), it had the best. We had 2 full days in Barcelona so we…

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    The Perfect Crop Top to Your High-Waisted Bottoms

    Keep scrolling to learn where to buy! This deep emotions dusty pink crop top with a plunging neckline from Tobi is super cute and flattering for any body type. The flowy-ness of the top is perfect for all high waisted bottoms (jeans, dress pants) as well as pencil skirts. Just be sure not to pair it with a flowy skirt- it’ll make your figure look bigger than you really are! Another great thing about the top is that it can be worn again casually and dressed up for a nice event- just like the maxi dress I spoke about last week also from my Tobi collaboration! Hurry and get the…

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    The Any Occasion Maxi Dress

    Dress: Tobi Scarf: Armani (Similar) Purse: Burberry Sunglasses: Tiffany & Co. Shoes: Anne Klein (Similar)  This flowy striped tier maxi dress is perfect for summer and any occasion. You can dress it up and wear it to a summer wedding or dress it down and wear it casually to a day outing. Wondering where I got this gem? Click here and get it for under $50 with code: WS50! The cut in the middle gives it a top/skirt feel and draws more attention to the it. Don’t forget to check out the back cut making the dress even more elegant. The slits on the sides and rayon material can keep…

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    5 reasons Why To Visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

    Little Blue Book is excited for this second guest post from Akshay Koranne of Your Amazing Places travel blog! Remember my post on Abu Dhabi? Source: http://www.raynatravelogue.com Ferrari World is a big hit among avid travelers and for those who are want to add the extra layer of spice and excitement to their trip to the UAE. Ferrari World encompasses several elements which give a visit here a unique experience. The Ferrari World is a theme park which is dedicated and created by the Italian Motor giant, the Ferrari, who is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Feel the adrenaline rush in your veins as you indulge…