The Best Pumping Bag

Little Blue Book thanks Sarah Wells for this collaboration!

Sarah Wells has the best pumping bag out there! I used to use regular totes, but they would not zip and the motor could get wet when it rains and the most annoying part… Id have to remove everything to get the pump out. I didn’t want a pumping bag because usually they’re so big and bulky. However, Sarah Wells has the perfect one!

Sarah Wells
1. Perfect size
2. Convenient pockets on the side for your motor so you don’t have to take it out and to store your milk!
3. Cooler lining tested to keep milk cool for 6-8 hours
4. A convenient place for a laptop.
5. Multiple compartments
6. Fashionable (reminds me of Longchamp bags)
7. Multi-purpose: can be used as a diaper bag for travel

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