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    The Best Pumping Bag

    Sarah Wells has the best pumping bag out there! I used to use regular totes, but they would not zip and the motor could get wet when it rains and the most annoying part… Id have to remove everything to get the pump out. I didn’t want a pumping bag because usually they’re so big and bulky. However, Sarah Wells has the perfect one! Sarah Wells1. Perfect size2. Convenient pockets on the side for your motor so you don’t have to take it out and to store your milk!3. Cooler lining tested to keep milk cool for 6-8 hours4. A convenient place for a laptop.5. Multiple compartments6. Fashionable (reminds me…

  • Health and Fitness

    Kayla Itsines Workouts

    Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer and the creator of the Sweat app. It’s definitely a great program worth looking into if you are short on time and want to maximize your minutes with target areas! I’m currently doing her workouts and loving them- here are my two cents: Pros 1. Can do it anywhere 2. Don’t need props 3. Tailor it to your time- reps and times can be adjusted 4. Can do different focus areas each day 5. Quick workouts that are effective Cons 1. Have to set a timer on your phone for each block (unless you count reps) 2. Have to use your phone to…

  • Health and Fitness

    How to Get Back that Pre-Baby Body!

                          Then- January 2018                                               Now- January 2019 This has by far been my toughest hurdle over sleep deprivation and breastfeeding/pumping challenges. I thought my body could bounce back easier, but no- things change- alot and you can’t control it as much (like permanent dark circles under the eyes). Abs are a lost cause, hips are wider from natural changes and if you’re breastfeeding, then you’re chest is bigger. Flab has now developed in places it wasn’t present before. Clothes…

  • Travel


    We went on our baby moon in May (seems so long ago) to London, Ireland and Scotland (remember my London post)? We only had 2 full days in Ireland so it was hard to get everything in, but see below on what we did and what’s on my list for next time around! Staying in Dublin Hotel Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin Loved the location for this hotel- definitely a top recommendation! Everything was within walking distance from this hotel in Dublin (sightseeing, food, entertainment, etc). The room were a little small, but definitely doable! Eating in Dublin I’ll be honest- Im a vegetarian and not a big fan of…

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    How to Get Things Done With a Baby

    I was lucky enough to have help from my wonderful hubby, Mom and sister the first 5 weeks with Leia. However, after that, it was just me and little baby until now at 10 weeks. I was terrified honestly to be alone with her only because I had no idea how Id get things done since she wasn’t on a real schedule yet. Being alone with her though was the biggest blessing because I got to know her routine and how to get things done like even going to the bathroom! And better yet- put her on a real schedule that allows me to get things done. Below is a…

  • Fabulous Life of S.A.T

    Spoiled Mama Products Giveaway!

    Spoiled Mama is an amazing natural company with products for women to use during pregnancy, post-partum and even ones who are not expecting! Their products have been of more than help during and after for pregnancy skin care and stretch mark prevention and removal for me and I am happy to collaborate with them! See below for my own personal reviews on each product! Use this code at checkout for 20% off: BASPOIL18ST and be sure to enter my giveaway on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win a Bump Bliss Bag to try products for free! You must also follow @thespoiledmama on Instagram and tag a friend! Exfoliating Indulge Body Polish  This natural body…

  • Fashion

    What I Wore

    Remember my Not-So-Maternity-Wear post? Well, here’s another addition- buy dresses that are bigger to begin with as their style! This one is great because it is nursing friendly as well since it has buttons all the way down- and the best part is, it is an XXS and still fit me at 34 weeks and probably will fit after as well- great find at Kate Spade! Their sizing is amazing for being pregnant! What is your go to flowy dress?! Also, the best part is that the dress is navy blue! Remember my post on why navy is awesome?! And lastly, the brown and white stripe signature style of Henri…

  • Food

    Delicious and Easy Chili Paneer

    My sister sent me this fantastic recipe. I tasted it at her house a couple months ago and knew I had to make it! See below for the recipe and a video link as well as my modifications to the recipe! Recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/chilli-paneer-recipe-paneer-chilli-dry/ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCi59Sx19Ew&app=desktop Modifications: 1) No sugar 2) Used coconut flour instead of cornstarch 3) For the sauce, I combined chili garlic sauce, soy sauce, ketchup and sweet and sour chili sauce 4) Further modifications for the future: substitute paneer with tofu and/or sweet potato for a healthier option! Enjoy!

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    Fashionably Pregnant

    This picture was taken when I was right around 5 months preggo mainly to let all the moms-to-be know you can still dress stylish and wear pencil skirts! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to fit into my own clothes for a while and to have hand me down maternity clothes. The clothes in this picture are not maternity, but look below for some cute maternity clothes options and my top sites for the few that I have bought: Rosie Pope Clothes: Lots of cute options, style is very dressy and casual Price: Expensive Side Hatch Clothes: Very stylish, “flowy” options Price: Very expensive H&M Maternity Clothes: Something for…

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    Lady in London

    About a month ago, we went to London, Ireland and Scotland for our babymoon. We actually planned the trip months before I knew I was pregnant, but then we just made it into a babymoon! We only had a week so we packed ALOT in! I had already been to London for a week a few years ago, so we really just hit the highlights for Jibin! Tips 1. It was cold in May, so definitely make sure you pack a jacket- especially a rain jacket! 2. Check the hours for palaces and days for when the you can visit. 3. Food is amazing anywhere and everywhere in London. 4.…