Little Blue Book

Why is the blog called ‘Little Blue Book?’

Welcome to the wondrous world of the blue book! Several of my friends encouraged me to start a blog since I am the type who really delves into things that I am passionate about from working out everyday to planning events! I never thought I’d actually start a blog, but here I am! If you couldn’t tell already, I love the luxury jewelry and retailer store Tiffany & Co. along with the TV series Gossip Girl. In one of the episodes, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) showcases hundreds of journals in her trunk– which happen to be little Tiffany blue books! In short, I of course had to call my public journal (blog) my little blue book- not the democratic little blue book!

What is the ‘Little Blue Book?’

Little Blue Book is a compilation of entries for things I love: fitness, fashion, food, films, flying around the world, family, friends, fabulous life of S.A.T. (this would be random things about my life) and all things French which includes New York City because NYC and Paris are both cities almost every girl dreams of residing in and visiting!

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