Here is a description of the main services that are offered, please contact me with any questions:

-An individualized timeline for completing tasks for your wedding
This is great for someone who just got engaged & is unsure of where to start and when to get things done. We would go based on your timeline of when the wedding is-whether it is a year later or a week later. It would include where to start, how to do it and a due date to complete the task in order to obtain the best vendors out there.

-List of vendors to contact
It is difficult to do your own research on the best vendors to contact for venues, hair, makeup, photo, video, draping, henna, invitations, designers, decorators, linen, flowers, cake, one-day coordinators, DJ’s, priests/pandits, etc. This would include a detailed list of the highly-valued vendors with their contact information without having to spend time to email and ask friends and wait for responses!

-What to ask vendors (ie, venue, hair/makeup, photo, video, cake, etc)
Once you contact vendors it may be hard to know what details to ask. This will include a guide for what to expect from vendors as far as pricing, timing and options for your day and what you should ask them. It would also include a template that you would take with you to each vendor you visit so that you don’t have to remember what to ask. You can also email it to them beforehand and save time!

-Timeline for your wedding weekend
“How much time do I allot for pictures? How much time will it take to walk down the aisle? How long should my first dance be? How long will it take for family to take pictures? What time should the bridal party be ready? How long of an entertainment program should I have? What time do I need to wake up? Will I have enough time in between the wedding and reception to wash my hair? How long will it take for hair, make-up and draping- should I allot more or less time than they say? What time should breakfast be served for the guests? What time should I tell the photographer and videographer to come? Will they have enough time to get shots of me getting ready and all of my beautiful outfits?”
These are all questions I can answer and many more by coming up with a detailed timeline personalized to your wedding weekend!

-Engagement pictures tips
Where do I go to get pictures? I don’t want them to look the same as everybody, what can I do different? What colors should I not wear in my pictures? What kind of outfits should we plan? How many should we take? When should we take them? Who should we take them with? How can I make the most use of my time with the photographer when he/she is taking the pictures to maximize the time given?
These are all questions I can answer and many more when providing engagement pictures tips!

-Template for invitations
This will include a standardized template for invitations. When you get invitations made, you still have to send a template to the company of what to print and there are multiple edits that occur. Having this template will minimize the time you spend going back and forth!

-Template for welcome bag itineraries and pamphlets
This may seem very simple, but it is hard at times to find how to make the best welcome bag itinerary for guests that are staying at your hotel of choice and what it should entail. Most people have pamphlets during their wedding ceremonies explaining steps of the actual ceremony and it can be difficult to figure out what goes on it and how to describe steps in your ceremony. Leave all of the details to me so you can focus on the bigger picture!

-Ideas for table numbers/name cards
Everybody wants to be different and every bride and groom want to have their own touch and personality in everything they do. Most of the time guests won’t notice all of the details that you worked so hard on. I can provide you with unique and creative ideas for table numbers and name cards that can help make you stand out and catch your guests’ attention!

-Guideline for thank you cards
Believe it or not, but once the wedding is over, there is still some work to do! I will guide you in figuring out where to get thank you cards, what should be on them and when they should be sent out in the most efficient matter.

-Save the Date ideas and assistance
Prior to the wedding you want everyone to know your date so that they can be sure to be there! This will give you a guideline on when a ‘Save the Date’ should be sent out, where to get them for the best price and quality and how to make them!

-Assistance with table assignments for the reception
How many seats should be at a table? Can each table have a different amount of guests? Who should sit together? How should I arrange my tables in the room?
These are just some of the questions I will help you answer!

-Assistance with changing your name (i.e, how-to, when-to, where-to)
Now you’re married, but you want to take your husband’s last name- but it is so much work and entails a lot of minor details that can get overwhelming especially after a wedding! I will assist you on where to go, what forms to fill out, when to do it, what other places to change your name and how to do it! This will also include guidance on obtaining a marriage license and certificate and the process it entails.

-Honeymoon suggestions and how to plan it
You’re in the middle of planning a wedding and also need to figure out honeymoon plans, but you don’t know where to go and how much to spend and how to get the best deal. I am not a travel agent or expert, but I will assist you in coming up with great places on your budget with the time you have and how to get little perks on your trip!

-Wedding Weight Loss
Most brides (and grooms) want to lose weight or get in shape before their wedding. Whether you have a year, a few months, a few weeks or a few days, I will give you tips on what to eat and which exercises to do and help come up with a plan to achieve your goal. Again, I am not a nutritionist, dietician or personal trainer and do not have any training or certification, but I am going based off of personal experience and in the past I have been able to help many people achieve their goals! If you follow my tips exactly, then you will definitely see some results before your big day! (See my blog: Size 10 to the Infamous Size 0). 

-Marriage Money Matters
Now that you are married, you need to figure out how to merge all of your accounts and how to plan for the future. Again, I am not a financial adviser or planner and have no official training, but I have plenty of tips and guidance on things that most young couples do not think about to get a heard start on. I will also refer you to some certified great financial planners after my crash course advice!

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