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“Directing your happily ever after…”

Getting married is not just about the wedding, but a complete lifestyle change which involves multiple tasks besides organizing a wedding. 

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Behind the Scenes of Wedding Consulting (“Directing your happily ever after…”) is something I have been wanting to start since my own wedding on October 4, 2014. I had so much fun planning my own wedding (although my amazing husband, Jibin, may have a different idea of the joy of wedding planning)! I’ve seen so many brides stress over it and absolutely despise it, but I was of course the minority! I also realized that it was not only the wedding itself that led to stress sometimes. It was more frequently the things that come along with a marriage that people don’t usually think about or hire wedding vendors for that made me want to start it. My company is unique in that it provides services for life changes that occur when you are married vs. just the wedding alone. Of course the wedding is the start of a marriage so it will be a large component of my services! Another thing that makes me unique is that I am an extremely type A-organized-control freak who plans everything months and months (sometimes years) in advance! While these may be flaws at times in the real world, when it comes to weddings and marriage- I’ve found these are the qualities I wanted in people who assisted me.





  1. Jibin Thomas says:

    I can say first hand that Sonia planned most of my wedding day and it turned out to be the best wedding I’ve ever been to. She plans light years in advance and she’s always thinking of every detail.

  2. Shushil says:

    Congrats on your launch. You were indeed very organized and had all your specific decor details/requests weeks in advance! You were a joy to work with and I believe any bride who utilizes Your services in whatever capacity they will benefit-
    Your humble and sweet personality is an ADDED bonus!!

  3. Surinder Bedi says:

    Congratulations Sonia!We wish you much success in your new venture. I know you will be awesome as I saw your attention to details, follow up skills and passion during your own wedding planning! So proud of you! Best wishes always!

  4. Janani says:

    I am just in the process of organizing my weddding which is goin to happen in India. Your wedding looked beautiful and you looked amazing . I am glad I stopped by 🙂

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