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Pumped to Pump Iron

It’s a Tuesday night. You’ve nearly started another week, and you feel shattered. You slump in your favorite armchair, flick on the TV, and settle in for a long night. 

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Then, you suddenly remember, you’re supposed to be going to the gym today. You’ve planned a HIIT workout for 7 pm!

All of a sudden, it’s crunch time. You know you should be going to the gym. It’s part of your schedule. But, for the above reasons, you can’t motivate yourself to go. Disaster. 

Getting yourself pumped for the gym after a long day is a challenge. Only a tiny minority of people manage it. But it’s not willpower alone that determines whether you’ll show up. There are other tricks you can use too. Check them out below. 

Make It Routine

Our bodies are creatures of routine. They want to eat and sleep at specific times of the day, according to our circadian rhythms. And so they become very sophisticated at figuring out what type of activity is scheduled for when. 

The same goes for exercise. When you go for a jog at the same time every day, it actually makes it easier to go out and train. Repetition primes your body for exercise, and it seems almost like second nature. You don’t actually have to make much of an effort. 

Use It As An Instagram Opportunity

Savvi Fit athleisure clothing collaboration- message or email me for amazing deals!

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Going to the gym used to be a private affair. But since Instagram came along, every workout is now a potential social media post. 

Of course, if you’re going to post, you want to make yourself look as good as possible. That could be why sites like keep popping up all over the place. People want gym gear that shows off their figures and makes them look photo-ready. After a set on the squat rack, pose for a picture in the mirror and wait for the likes to roll in. 

Eat Omega 3 Foods

Believe it or not, eating omega 3-containing foods could make you more willing to attend the gym. (Is there anything that this essential fatty acid cannot do?) Researchers have found that eating plenty of fish or flaxseed reduces muscle inflammation, cutting soreness in half. When you have these foods in your diet, you recover more rapidly and feel like taking exercise more often. 

Check Out Your Stats

Do you record your progress at the gym? If so, you might want to try pumping yourself up, looking at your latest stats. Have you lost weight? Have you gained strength? Use the data to drive your decisions. Eventually, you will reach your goals. 

Energize Yourself With Beet Juice

Beets are one of nature’s most amazing foods, not just for the color, but also for the health benefits. Researchers have found that people who take beets before going to the gym feel more energetic than those who don’t according to There’s a component in the plant that helps the arteries expand and contract more easily. And that means that the blood really does get flowing after you eat them. 

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