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Barre Blend online!

I know what you’re thinking… more Barre?! YES! If you’ve been reading my workout posts, then you know how obsessed I am with barre (and for good reason)! I had the opportunity to collaborate with Beachbody OnDemand and do an early VIP access to Barre Blend!

Barre Blend is a 60 day program which is included in Beachbody OnDemand (rates vary if you do monthly, every 3 mos or every 6 mos, but it averages out to about $10/month which is amazing! Barre Blend will be included in this starting in June, but if you want early access now, then it is an additional $60.

Barre blend is conducted by Elise Joan and is low-impact and high-intensity- it compares well to Pure Barre on demand and Physique 57 on demand. It really does make you more lean and toned using a blend of barre, pilates and cardio interval training.

The workouts are 30-45 minutes per day and the amazing thing is it really is well developed for a barre virgin and a barre expert- anyone can do it needing minimal equipment (weights and the back of a chair for a barre if you don’t have one).

Barre is the way to go and having new videos with barre is always a plus- I will add it to my list of online barre recs (Pure Barre, Barre3, Physique57, The Bar Method and Barre Blend).

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