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The Art of Saying ‘No’

This post is short and sweet- right to the point. I don’t normally write posts like this, but this one really deserved it. About a week ago, one of my best friends sent me this quote and I could relate to it so well. Anyone who is type A, great at time management and getting things done can most definitely appreciate this quote. Read it till the end!

“My mom usually tells “sometimes efficiency is a disqualification”. Being an all-rounder herself she had her hands on cooking, teaching, art, gardening, etc. Now she’s a weak old woman and she tells, ‘maybe I should not have worked hard, I should have said no to many things, maybe I should have saved my energy’. She has seen people who say they don’t know anything and slyly escape chores. She tells, “it’s okay if you could not do certain things, so that you won’t be exploited”. I read the following paragraph which reminded me of my mom’s words.

This is something all women need to read.  “Years ago, a wise woman told me this, and I’ve never forgotten it.

Don’t get too proud, she said, of your capabilities at handling anything — or soon people will expect you to handle everything.

The world is always eager to find someone who can handle everything (because the world is lazy, and doesn’t want to do the work) and soon you will be responsible for more than you can manage. You will be doing more than what is fair, or even sensible — and you will be doing thousands of things that you were never designed to do.

Don’t get seduced by the idea that you are some kind of Superwoman — as much as the world wants to put that honorific upon you. (Telling women that they are superheroes is a trick the world has always played, for making women do all the work.)

Trying to be Superwoman is not worth the toll that it will take on your life, or on your energies, or on your relationships. You will end up doing everything, yes — but you will do none of it well, and you will do much of it with resentment, and you will end up feeling burned-out and used, and living a life that has lost its direction and its passion.

Learn what really matters to you, and do only THAT.

Learn to say NO. And let the rest of it go.”

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