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Pure Barre

I’ve talked about Barre before (check out my previous posts: Xtend Barre, Barre3, Barre). I’m an absolute lover of barre and up until now, Ive been doing Barre at home (Physique57, Barre3, Pure Barre on demang, Xtend Barre and others). I did it all throughout pregnancy as well. However, after doing it for a year I hit a roadblock and needed something intense to change it up. This is when I decided to join Pure Barre!

Pure Barre is a little different than the others Ive taken- it offers 3 types of classes: Classic (my favorite- using mainly your own body strength and a couple of other equipment), Empower (cardio and using a bench as well as the bar) and Reform (using resistance to help tone). All are great options, but I’m definitely a classic gal!

Cost: $99 for the first month and then $169/month for unlimited classes
Length: 50 minutes
Types of classes: Classic, Empower, Reform
Advantages: toning, strength training, balance, flexibility, coordination, great for joints
Disadvantages: cost, timing of classes may not fit

Barre has great health benefits and helps in losing inches more than weight itself as it really strengthens and tones the body. As the new year approaches, sign up and look out for Pure Barre deals!


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