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The ‘One Year’ Milestone

I don’t normally write posts like these; however, this was such a big milestone in my life that I felt like it deserved one.
(Fun fact side note: The dress I’m wearing above I bought when I was 7 months pregnant and was determined to wear it after the baby. Sadly, I quickly realized it wasn’t going to fit 6 weeks after I had Leia when I tried it on. At that point, I promised myself that at a year or earlier, I would make sure to fit into it).

The baby turning one is definitely a huge milestone. Some people throw parties to celebrate making it the first year as parents and seeing friends/family they haven’t seen. Others choose to resort to a smash cake and the traditional pictures. Some parents, like us, decide to celebrate with a trip for the parents (moreso because our 5 year anniversary happens to fall the day after her birthday). As Leia approaches a year in a couple weeks, I have been thinking about why this milestone is definitely for the parents rather than the child. More specifically, if you’re the Mom and were breastfeeding and/or pumping- this is the biggest day of your life.

I wanted to breastfeed/pump for an entire year since studies show that it is what is beneficial for the baby and even longer up to 3 years if possible. However, going to a year is more than enough for me. I could say I did it for Leia, but I’m definitely selfish in that I wanted to do it to achieve something and reach a goal. I’m lucky that friends all around me are doing the same and that’s what has really motivated me. However, my biggest motivator and reason for doing it for a year is my sister. She’s a pediatric ENT- she does surgeries and has the busiest and longest days- so I thought, wow if she can do it, then I certainly have no excuse. She was a true inspiration to me and I have her to thank for making it a year.

I had no idea what a big sacrifice it would be when I decided to breastfeed/pump for a year- in retrospect, had I known how much work it actually is, I’m not sure I would have done it for as long as I did. However, I am extremely glad I did because I have seen the benefits of it for the child (the only un-selfish remark I’ll make). As I approach a year post-partum, I literally am counting down the days to when I stop pumping/breastfeeding. The amount of changes a woman goes through with breastfeeding and endures the stress and sacrifices that come along with it are insane- I never knew before and had a whole different appreciation for my Mom who breastfed me until 7 months.

Cheers to my little Leia who will be one in a couple weeks- can’t wait to see you smash your cake and eat it too! Lastly, cheers to my wonderful hubby who was so supportive and helpful with the breastfeeding/pumping journey- couldn’t have ever done it without his help!


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