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How to Get Back that Pre-Baby Body!

                      Then- January 2018                                               Now- January 2019

This has by far been my toughest hurdle over sleep deprivation and breastfeeding/pumping challenges. I thought my body could bounce back easier, but no- things change- alot and you can’t control it as much (like permanent dark circles under the eyes). Abs are a lost cause, hips are wider from natural changes and if you’re breastfeeding, then you’re chest is bigger. Flab has now developed in places it wasn’t present before. Clothes you’ve been dying to wear while pregnant, still don’t fit you. Every post-partum gal deals with this and even though I have not figured it out completely as I still have 9 pounds to lose and a TON of toning to do, I have learned some very helpful tips in the past 3 months!

  1. Water, water, water
    If you’re breastfeeding/pumping, then water will be your best friend but it will also help you work towards being more toned.
  2. Kegels and Butt Crunches
    Your new best friends when you’re driving, pumping or just sitting!
  3. Exercise
    Of course this is obvious, but choosing the right kind is a challenge- I started with T25 and currently am doing Kayla Itsines mixed with Jillian Michaels workouts at home for 25-30 mins a day. The sooner you start post-partum (after being cleared), the faster results come.
  4. Nutrition
    Breastfeeding/pumping makes you ALOT hungrier so be careful in eating nutritious foods that keep you full longer. Calories will naturally increase, but what matters is what fills those calories- big time for losing weight.
  5. Cut sugar
    This is hard for me with my big sweet tooth. However, cutting sugar will make a world of a difference. Stick to natural sugar and try to limit or cut out any processed sugar.

Once my body is back to pre-pregnancy, I’ll do a follow up post on more tips- stay tuned!


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