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How to Get Things Done With a Baby

I was lucky enough to have help from my wonderful hubby, Mom and sister the first 5 weeks with Leia. However, after that, it was just me and little baby until now at 10 weeks. I was terrified honestly to be alone with her only because I had no idea how Id get things done since she wasn’t on a real schedule yet. Being alone with her though was the biggest blessing because I got to know her routine and how to get things done like even going to the bathroom! And better yet- put her on a real schedule that allows me to get things done. Below is a list of things that were important to me to do everyday no matter what and achieving it daily definitely made me feel better! Read on to see my tips on how to do it!

1. Working Out
-Get up early before the baby and do it.
-Do it during a nap.
-Keep baby in a bouncer or playmat next to you while you workout.
-Do 25-30 minute videos on your laptop so you can be mobile.
-Talk/sing to baby while you workout.
-Put baby in a wrap and do exercises approved to do in a wrap.

2. Showering
-Place baby in a lightweight or mobile bassinet that you can roll into bathroom.
-Do it while baby sleeps in bassinet (the noise of the shower is similar to white noise).
-Do it while baby is awake and play songs and talk.
-Take quick 5-10 minute showers and get out quickly so baby can see you.

3. Eating
-Prep and plan meals day before or in advance. I used to eat oatmeal in the mornings and would have it ready with water in it in the microwave so I would just have to press Start.
-Eat quickly and eat things that are packaged.
-Be sure to eat healthy protein filled meals or snacks to keep you full.
-Drink LOTS of water with anything you eat to keep you full longer.

4. Cooking
-Meals that are 30 mins of less of course.
-Chop all items day before or quickly earlier in the morning.
-Use the InstaPot so you can step away and let it cook on its’ own.
-Plan meals a week in advance for the grocery store.

5. Miscellaneous
-Laundry: get everything ready into the washer with detergent ready whenever you have time the day before or early in the day so you just press start.
-Plan anything you have to get done in between feeds or nap times during the day and know what youll be doing between each down time so you can get it done without thinking.


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