Milan: fashion, graffiti, food and architecture! Fashion, art, culture and history all combined in one city! Milan definitely has a different vibe than other Italian cities. You can do Milan in 1 day, unless you’re a fashion enthusiast, then 2 days is recommended! See below for what we did!

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1. Duomo
Absolutely breathtaking and a must do in Milan! Going inside is just as gorgeous!
Climbing to the top is not a must, but makes for some great views and pictures!

2. La Scala Opera House
Definitely not a must to see the opera house, but looks nice!

3. The Last Supper

No explanation needed- definitely worth the long bus ride- The Last Supper is breathtaking and an absolute must! The security is crazy!

4. Vittorio Emanuele
Not a fashion enthusiast? Still go for the architecture to the first and oldest mall- definitely gorgeous!

5. The Prada Museum
Okay, it’s not really a Prada museum, but it is sponsored by her and they have very cool and different art exhibits!

6. Armani Museum
A truly breathtaking museum with clothes, jewelry and shoes from all collections by Armani displayed.

7. Food
1. Laduree- duh!
2. Cioccolati ItalianiРbest ice cream ever! Caution: long lines
3. Colonne San Lorenzao- go for happy hour!
4. Marchesi and Bifi
5. Navigli District- amazing food!

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