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Sunwarrior Protein!

Sunwarrior is a plant-based protein source mainly from superfoods. It can be tough to get all of your protein in as a vegan and I’m not 100% vegan, but I do try and avoid eating raw eggs and cheese. I’ll eat pizza and cake and things that have eggs in them though and honey so I don’t consider myself vegan per-say.

However, I do want to eat clean and try have a whole foods plant based diet. This is when I came across Sunwarrior. Thank you Sunwarrior for all of the yummy samples and collaboration with Little Blue Book!

  1. Variety
    They have a lot of different protein bars and powder flavors. There’s something for everyone!
  2. Nutritious
    17g-19g of protein per bar or scoop. I just can’t wrap my head around it! All the while keeping carbs and sugar low (depending on the flavor).
  3. My Favorites
    My 2 favorites are the salted caramel protein bars and vanilla protein powder. I add a scoop of the powder to my oatmeal everyday and eat the bar as a part of my lunch.
  4. Source of Protein
    Their sources of protein is what drew me in- most use eggs, soy or whey, but this uses foods like peas, quinoa, barley etc and what can be better than natural?
  5. Vs. RXBar
    Everyone knows I am obsessed with RXBar and I still like them alot, but Sunwarrior definitely ties and they’re egg free. When comparing nutrition, you see that RXBars have 3 times as much as sodium as Sunwarrior; however, Sunwarrior can come with a few more calories, but with alot more protein than RXBars! RXBars have no added sugar, but Sunwarrior has some stevia extract in it. Both are equally as pricey and filled with saturated fat, but it is healthy fats and that’s what makes them so good for you! Taste wise, they both rock!


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