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1st Trimester Undisclosed: Things People Don’t Tell You

Pregnancy is different for everyone I have learned and what one person feels, the other may not. So please take my post with a grain of salt. It is my experience and advice for things I had no idea of. Or maybe people did tell me some of this stuff, but I had no idea how it felt or understood it till I went through it. I was lucky to have my sister be pregnant with me for the first 2 months and her last 2 months and my sister-in-law who has almost 4 year old Asher. Both of them shared endless wisdom that I welcomed with open arms since I couldn’t talk about it with anyone else. I was also extremely lucky to have my hubby be at my side hand and foot as well as my Mom close by to feed me anything I wanted and for her and my Grandma to share their endless wisdom and tips and tricks along with my mother in law. My first trimester of pregnancy was a roller coaster that I did not expect! No one tells you what it’s really going to be like and you think it’ll be glamorous from pictures you see and moms who are trying to “upkeep their image.” So you have a completely distorted view of pregnancy until you’re in it and don’t realize how much your life changes. The only thing that remained constant for me was exercising daily.

Weeks 4-5
1. Insomniac. You’ll be so excited that you can barely sleep. You’ll also be super worried of having a miscarriage and won’t be able to sleep. You’ll also wonder if you’re for real pregnant.
2. Energetic. You’ll feel super happy and like you have tons of energy to spare.
3. Skinny. Your progesterone levels will be through the roof and you’ll burn calories faster than normal. I didn’t exactly get too hungry or eat more during this time and I lost 3 pounds- loved it!
4. Diarrhea. You’ll have increased bowel movements. Enjoy it while it lasts before constipation hits.

Week 6
1. Tired. You’ll start to feel fatigue and being a little off your normal game. You also won’t be able to work out for long periods of time, I had to drop down to 30 minutes from my normal 40-50 minutes.
2. Hungry. You’ll start to realize if you don’t eat by a certain time, you will get super HANGRY!
3. Excited. When you see your first vaginal ultrasound picture, you’ll be beyond ecstatic.
4. Appreciative. You’ll have a new sense of appreciation for those who have gone through pregnancy. My Mom suddenly became superwoman to me. My sister was an idol- I have no idea how she went through pregnancy with her demanding job and doing surgeries! My sister in law became an inspiration as well working 12 hour shifts and standing during her pregnancy!
5. Free stuff! You can get a free breast pump through your insurance- call and ask! You should also call and ask what your maternity benefits are.
Weeks 7-8
1. Exhausted. Beyond belief. You could sleep for 12 hours and still feel tired.
2. Sluggish. You won’t feel like yourself and get frustrated that nothing is getting done.
3. SEVERE Nausea and vomiting. Ha, didn’t think it would hit? Guess again. Severe nausea and vomiting multiple times a day. It’s like a rite of passage for pregnancy. If you’re one of the 30% of women who don’t get it, then you definitely have no idea what it feels like to be preggars.
4. Diclegis. And then at the end of week 8 you’ll discover you can take drugs to help with #3. Diclegis is a mix of doxylamine and vitamin B6. As a pharmacist, I was reluctant to take it, but started taking it every now and then out of pure desperation. You’re supposed to take 4 a day or atleast 2 at bedtime. I only took one at bedtime and sucked it up during the day with just taking vitamin B6 alone during the days. It decreased my vomiting from 4-5 times to 1-2 times a day.
5. Sensitive to smells. You’ll have severe food aversions and a sensitive nose. For me I couldn’t stand the smell of smoke or black coffee.
6. No life. You’ll feel like you have no life because all you’ll do is go to work and come home and sleep and vomit. You won’t have any energy to hang out with anyone or do anything.
7. Secretive. Secrets are definitely no fun. This was one of the toughest parts for me- not being able to tell anyone that you’re pregnant. It was especially difficult at work.
8. Excited. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat at week 8 is priceless. It’s difficult to believe you have a human inside of you!

Weeks 9-10
1. Body changes. Your hair may become more oily or dry than before. Your skin may become drier than before. Your lips may also become drier.
2. White, please! Eating saltines, crackers, white pita bread, white bagels, white rice all becomes a norm. You feel horrible since you never eat white anything and feel super unhealthy, but it’s the only thing that really helps with your N/V!
3. Nauseous any? Being nauseaus becomes second nature now. You begin to start adjusting your diet and wondering how you can possibly still be losing weight with all the horrifying things you eat to control your N/V. You start throwing up real food food and not just spit and bile. Hurray though- you’re 4 pounds skinnier (it literally feels like the worst hangover that lasts for months x 10).
4. Yes, pillows! You’re definitely not any bigger, but your uterus has expanded which is hard for some bodies to handle. I definitely had to sleep elevated on two pillows with one under my back or in between my legs.
5. Rhinitis. I had a very hard time breathing- Id get short of breath or my nose would get clogged. I needed my humidifier every night.
6. HEARTBURN. Major heartburn. I cried once until I figured out what the sharp pain in my chest was and had to get some Tums. My entire diet had to change to with the most bland food possible. I had to eat extremely slowly and drink less water. More sympathy for those who experience it!
7. Fainting. So this was embarrassing. I was lecturing to my students and normally it is 2 hours at a time. That is WAY too long to talk straight for in pregnancy. I got super hot and started seeing dark spots after 30 minutes and had to sit down and take a break. This was new- I learned I cannot stand and talk for a long period of time. My OB said the pregnancy was really hard on my body.

Weeks 11-12
1. HOT. I started to get really hot, but only at night where it became harder for me to sleep at night.
2. Slowly, but surely. I started to get better and see the light at the end of the tunnel at the end of 12 weeks. I went from throwing up everyday to every other day. I’m hoping to feel this energetic, fun side of pregnancy in the second trimester soon!
3. Pure excitement and relief. And then you finally get to tell everyone and your friends can stop wondering why you’ve been MIA for the past couple of months!
4. Light. Slowly, there’s light at the end of the tunnel-  the puking changes to every other day and you start gaining back the weight you lost!

Questions of the day: Is the end of your first trimester 12 or 14 weeks?!


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