Top Things In Seville (Sevilla)

Seville (Sevilla) is a quaint little city nestled away in Southern Spain. Seville is absolutely gorgeous and there is much to see! I would recommend 2 full days in Seville and if you don’t have that much time, even 1 day will be enough to admire this gorgeous city. See below on what to do!

1. Santa Cruz Quarter, Cathedral and Giralda Tower
You can do a free tour, hear history and walk around or you can do it on your own! The cathedral is open 11am-5pm at 9 euros/person and the tower is 11am-5pm at 8 euros/person. You can see some gorgeous views of the city by going to the top!

2. Royal Alcazar Palace

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Going inside this palace is a must- you could spend hours just strolling along at only 9.50 euros/person open from 9:30am-5pm. Peacocks are not a scarcity here!

3. Biking Around the City

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We were fortunate enough to have bikes provided by the hotel for free (Hotel Becquer), but you can rent them as well and bike around the city (which was breathtaking). We even stopped along the way to pull off some Seville oranges from the trees and ate them! We crossed over the river and explored Barrio di Triana, royal tobacco factory, barrio de santa cruz (nice houses) and the golden tower.

4. Bullfighting Ring (Maestranza)
If it pleasures you, then you can see a fight, but we went when it was closed so that we could walk out on the turf and take a tour. Lots of history here!

5. Las Setas
This is the best view you’ll get of the city. You basically walk in and walk all up the curvy structure till you get to the top. You even get a free drink with your ticket for just 2.40 euros/person. Going at sunset time is the most recommended!

6. Watch a flamenco show
We watched one by La Casa del Flamenco. This is a culture in Spain, but especially in Seville so definitely the best place to watch it!

And there you have it, Seville in a nutshell- 1-2 days of exploring fun!

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