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How I Feel About New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. People tend to go overboard with New Year’s resolutions and by this time of the year, they’re panicking or feeling bad about themselves for not accomplishing them all. Or if you’re like me, you’re gloating at how you not only accomplished your resolutions, but went above and beyond. I’m definitely not trying to brag, but I’m very goal oriented and never make resolutions because I’d drive myself crazy making sure I achieved them. However, this year I had decided to do it and I’m so glad I did- cheers to 2017!

Here’s my post if you want a refresher on my goals!

Let’s re-visit and take a look:

1. Reduce Little Blue Book posts to once a week to focus on other goals (sorry guys)! This will be 4 posts a month- Mouth-Water Monday, Wellness Wednesday (changing Workout Wednesday to Wellness Wednesday which will focus more on a healthy way of life), Fashion Friday and either a travel one or something random in my ‘Fabulous Life of S.A.T…” category.

#1 was very accomplished easily and it allowed me to grow my blog in other ways with collaborations and guest posts (Tobi, 3:8, Phoenecian tea time and dinner, Fat Joe Publishing, etc.).

2. Try not to interrupt people as much (This one’s for you Mr. Gentlementality)!

#2 is a work in progress. I definitely still do it, but I’m more aware of it and stop myself. “I would say you have decreased” are Mr. Gentlementality’s words!

3. Learn how to use a sewing machine to tailor my own clothes and make skirts.

#3 was definitely accomplished and it was a lot of fun as well! I ended up making 4 outfits. It was fun, but it is exhausting and time consuming to keep up with on a regular basis. A good and useful talent to have! Not only this, but I got to be a part of Atlanta International Fashion Week and use my acting talents to be an extra on Dynasty– way above and beyond my goal!

4. Get in the best shape of my life (yes, losing weight will always be on there).

#4 surprisingly didn’t mean for me to lose weight and I weigh the exact same, but I have changed my workout routine and definitely lost measurements which is more than I wanted!

5. Decrease my sweet intake…try not to binge eat on desserts.

#5 was one of the toughest for me. I still have times where I do binge eat on desserts, but I have significantly reduced my sweet intake and started eating even healthier. I’m not vegan, but have definitely started leaning more towards “whole food, plant based” diets!

6. Go skydiving. This is the year to finally make it happen.

#6- Check! Read about it here and watch it here!

7. Travel to a city during any type of fashion week.

#7 definitely happened. NYC in February during fashion week was amazing. Remember my experience?

8. Figure out a brilliant idea to get on Shark Tank one day.

#8 was worded well. “Figure out” was exactly what I did. I can’t really disclose the ideas incase they turn into something one day and you see me on there!

9. Advance as an oncology pharmacist.

#9 was to go beyond getting my BCOP certification. I definitely got more involved in the organization I am a part of called HOPA (Hematology Oncology Pharmacy Association) and I am scheduled to give a talk for certification in 2018! I also got a chance to expand my daily practices from the hospital and teaching to going to clinic one day a week to see patients with the oncologist and make clinical recommendations! Definitely check check!

10. Ah, #10. This will remain a mystery as I can’t disclose publicly just yet…

#10 Yes, check! To Be continued onto next year! Bring it on 2018! However, I will not be making lists anymore since I’m so type A I think I would drive myself crazy achieving them, but definitely grateful for such an amazing year!

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