The Best of Barcelona in 2 Days

Yes, that’s the classic picture when you think of Barcelona! Gaudi inspirations are of course all over the city. This particular infamous picture is at Park Guell.

We went to Barcelona about 6 months ago when we went to Capetown, Milan and Spain. I absolutely loved Barcelona- I could definitely live there- after all, I’m a big city gal. Of course, we walked everywhere- but things in Barcelona are more spread out than other places, so be prepared to walk alot if you choose to walk everywhere!

From the food to sightseeing and to shopping (of course), it had the best.

We had 2 full days in Barcelona so we had to maximize it- I would say if you want to relax and spend more time at the beach or so, then 3 full days would be better; however, you can definitely do it in 2 days!

Read on to find out how!
Where We Stayed
We stayed at Hotel SixtyTwo on the infamous Passeig de Gracia which is a street with luxurious shopping. We loved the location! Of course every corner you turn there is a Zara or Mango though! There are also two other structure by Gaudi here and the architecture is breathtaking!

Where We Ate
1. Hansel- cute bakery to grab something quickly
2. El Nacional- loved it, very rustic with multiple restaurants
3. El Born District- tons of food- just walk around and grab stuff from everywhere!
4. Mercat de Sant Joseph- fresh market with tons of food options and fresh juices- we had crepes!
5. La Vegetalia- great for vegetarians!
6. W Rooftop, Nap Bar and Mamarosa Beach- all by Barceloneta Beach
7. Picnic- great place for dinner

What We Did
I’m going to break down each sightseeing location we did with great tips. I’m also going in order of how we planned it from place to place so that it made sense walking wise. There were only two places that you can’t walk to because they are both on top of mountains and you have to take a cab since they’re out of the city.

Day 1
1. Passeig De Gracia
Make sure you go to check out architecture and the 2 Gaudi buildings if nothing else- luxurious shopping is a plus!

2. La Sagrada Familia
This church is super gothic and gorgeous- definitely one of my favorites. Buy tickets online atleast 1-2 months in advance if you want to get a specific day and time- it gets sold out very quickly and they are very strict about what time you get to go in- it has to be the exact time on the ticket. Definitely do the option with the audio tour- it’s a good tour and there are 7 stop to it and takes about 45 minutes. You can also buy one audio guide between two people as long as you don’t mind just one ear piece. We did the option with climbing the Nativity Towers, but it wasn’t worth it at all. The view isn’t that amazing and it’s very narrow- there are other places to go in Barcelona with better views.

3. Park Guell and Gaudi House

The best part of the park is the famous area where you’ll see tons of people taking pictures with Gaudi’s work. It is extremely big and you could spend hours here if you really want to, but really people look at his work and go to the house if they’d like and maybe walk around- you probably only need about an hour here. Again, make sure to buy tickets 1-2 mos in advance and you can only go in at the exact time on your ticket and then you have to leave by 5pm when it closes. The Gaudi house has a separate ticket, or you can buy a combo with the Gaudi house and La Sagrada Familia. I enjoyed going inside the house, but definitely not a must-do. The gardens in this park are gorgeous!

4. Gothic Quarter
Loved walking around here down the little alleys and getting lost. There is also another church here (Barcelona Cathedral), but we didn’t go inside it. It is definitely fun to just get some food or drinks and walk around here!

5. El Born District

This was one of my favorite areas in Barcelona. Tons of great food and restaurants as well as shops and definitely a hip place for youngsters to hang out!

Day 2
6. Picasso Museum

This is in the gothic quarter, but we didn’t go in because lines are super long and neither one of us was too interested so if you want to go, then buy tickets beforehand.

7. Las Ramblas

A famous street for shopping to get knick knacks off of the street. Beware of pickpocketers!

8. Mercat de Sant Joseph

This was at the end of Las Ramblas. Loved it! A fresh market with tons of food and it was delicious! There are no tables to sit so pick a curb, sit down and enjoy! Definitely a Barcelona must-do!

9. Barceloneta Beach
This is a different side of Barcelona, but just a beach like any other- very nice area- try to spend half a day here if you can!

10. Montjuic Hill/Castle
You can bike it here if you want from the beach, but we took a cab. It’s really pretty and you can take a lift up and down the hill, but we didn’t find it worth it to go inside the castle. However, if you have to choose just 1 place to go for beautiful scenery, then you can pick Mount Tibidabo. Montjuic is nice, but definitely not a must- only if you have extra time!

11. Mount Tibidabo

Of course most people know what Mount Tibidabo is if you’re a Friends fan (remember Joey’s story)? This is the highest point in Barcelona so the views are incredible and there is a gorgeous church atop the hill as well as a small theme park if you’re interested! Also, you can hike around the foothills if you’d like. You have to take a cab or bus up there is no other way to get there. Once you’re up there, you can’t call a cab unless you see one dropping other people off or you have to buy tickets to the bus when it comes and take it down.

12. Raval District
Fun area to walk around and again great for nightlife. If you get a chance, then visit Dow Jones- there’s only 3 stock-like bars and this is one of them!

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