Getting Back Into Yoga After A Break

As wonderful as yoga is, there are times when a break is necessary.

Sometimes the break is forced upon you; by circumstance, or health conditions that mean you don’t have the energy required. Or perhaps life just gets a little too busy, and you can’t quite spare those precious moments you’d usually spend on yoga, so you fall out of the habit.

Give Yourself A Break About Taking A Break

There’s nothing inherently wrong with taking a break from yoga for whatever reason you see fit. Sure, it’s probably preferable that you maintain your routine through thick and thin, but there’s also a need for realism. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to continue.

Most people who take a break from yoga eventually find themselves wanting to return to it. Their lives calm down and they find the time to return, knowing that there are myriad benefits to be enjoyed if they get back to their previous routine. If you find yourself in the same position, then read through the below to ensure a smooth transition back to good habits…

Realistic Expectations: You Won’t Go Right Back To Where You Were

While you may have once been able to perform advanced yoga poses, don’t expect you will be able to step right back into the kind of workouts you used to perform. The longer you have been away, the truer this is going to be. It’s going to take time to get back up to that level again.

If you stress yourself too soon by performing unrealistic moves, then there’s a real chance you’re going to cause yourself an injury of some kind. Take things slowly to begin with; it’s unlikely you will have regressed right back to ‘beginner’ level entirely, but start there and work up as and when you feel comfortable.

Reignite Your Interest

Some people slip out of a yoga routine through lack of interest; they were doing the same things over and over, and weren’t feeling inspired or excited by what they were trying. If this was the case for you, then it’s time for a change.

Look around for innovative local yoga classes that you don’t want to miss; you should be able to find something different that excites you again. There are so many different forms of yoga, practised in so many different ways, that there’s never any need to find yourself bored or uninspired. A new class could be just what you need to bring the excitement and fun back to your routine, so if you need that, take the time to find something that works for you.

Establish Good Habits

When you pick yoga up again, you’re going to want to try and ensure that you can establish a routine that you can continue. Don’t overburden yourself, and try to see yoga as a health benefit rather than just ‘something you have to do’. With any luck, you’ll find yourself back in the groove in no time– and this time, you’ll be able to stay there.

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