Unique Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

A man of sophistication and culture may seem to have it all but here are a couple of gift ideas for the man who seems to have everything.

Halloween has passed which means it is almost the most wonderful time of the year unless it is nearly impossible to buy for someone on your gift list. Finding a unique and thought-felt present is the goal for most gift givers. However, the ability to continually provide something the receiver will adore and cherish year after year can be stressful and time-consuming. No one wants to be the gifter known for giving things which get lost in the back of a closet, or worse yet, things used to regift to another unassuming recipient.

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but men, in particular, seem to be hardest to please. Does Dad really need another tie, or a #1 Dad mug? Does your Father-in-law need more golf balls or socks? Your son already has the latest smartphone, tablet, and headphones, so what could remain on his list? How do you put a genuine smile on someone’s face when they already seem to have everything they could want or need? How do you uphold a high standard of gift giving with each passing holiday? To help you keep things fresh, we are sharing five unique gift ideas for the man who has everything.

  1. Add to their liquor cabinet. If you are shopping for someone 21 years old or older, high-quality liquor is a great way to give them something unique and heartfelt. Wines, bourbons, scotches, vodkas, or even an eclectic collection of craft beers can express to someone you went the extra mile to take into consideration their likes and interests.

    1. Dress them up in something special. Whether the man in your life enjoys fashion or not, you can always help them improve their wardrobe. Think outside the idea of the standard tie and give them a truly exceptional gift like cufflinks which exemplify the receiver’s interests or try a set of colorful socks with a pocket square to accompany them.

    1. Everything is better with bacon. And when it is wrapped up with a shimmering bow and positioned perfectly under a tree, you are sure to light up someone’s holiday. Subscription boxes are all the rage, and one option is the Bacon of the Month Club. Sign up the carnivorous man on your list, and he will enjoy months and months of crispy, porky goodness.  

    1. Let them get away. Physical things are not always at the top of everyone’s list. In fact, an experience or time away from the responsibilities of family, school, or work life can be just what the doctor ordered. Consider gifting a night out on the town, complete with indoor skydiving or a prepaid session at a gun range followed by dinner with friends or some drinks at a bourbon bar.

    1. Invest in their future. Regardless of the age of the recipient, their future is always worth your investment. An untraditional but incredibly thoughtful and forward-thinking gift would be to provide them with stock, bond, CD or another type of long-term investment which they can watch mature over time.

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    This holiday season do not settle for an ordinary, boring gift. With a little creative thinking you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list, including the man who has everything.
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