The Best Afternoon Tea in all the Land (Scottsdale, Arizona).

Afternoon Tea at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona has been consistently voted as “the best high tea” by the Phoenix New Times and it is definitely an understatement. I was recently invited by Denise Seomin, the director of public relations and marketing communications, to experience afternoon tea in its newly redesigned venue off the main lobby of the AAA Five Diamond resort. Its grand reopening took place on October 12th, and my trip was the end of October – just in time to see the modern yet traditional English feel. The lobby is now much more open than it used to be (checkout my Scottsdale trip a couple of years ago here) with a warmer and more contemporary look.
Of all the high/afternoon teas (read about the difference here) that I have experienced, the one at The Phoenician is by far the most superior. I would challenge any of my readers to find one that could get any better than this one! I am a little biased though since I love Scottsdale.

Here are my reasons for why it is the best:

1. The Food

The cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are the most delicious and definitely my favorite. They were aware that I am a vegetarian and had made special sandwiches beforehand including avocado, hummus and a trendy asparagus which were all delicious. The best part is that it was all unlimited! This is not common at most afternoon teas – usually, you are given a tier and whatever is on it you must eat. Being able to sample and get more of what you like is a luxury The Phoenician is willing to provide!

2. The Sweets
The countless number of options for dessert is overwhelming with such yummy choices! They have everything to offer from shortbread, fruity desserts, chocolate lover desserts to dark chocolate options! The scones and Devonshire cream are my favorite course in the 3-course meal they offer. Once again, it is unlimited so you don’t have to worry about not being able to try all of them like you do when you’re sharing tiers with someone at other places. They also have much more creative varieties than just macarons!

3. The Tea
I remember the last time I went there a couple of years ago, it was my first time ever experiencing afternoon tea and I had no liking to tea at all. However, I had gotten a pot of French Vanilla (yes, your own pot – you don’t have to share with anyone and you can ask for another if you don’t like it) and I instantly became a tea lover. This time around I got Chocolate Coconut and I couldn’t believe the smooth finish. I normally dislike black tea, but at The Phoenician, they steep it at the perfect temperature with the right amount of time to really taste the flavors and not have it be too overbearing. My Mom got the Tropical Rooibos (tropical flavors with flowers and rooibos in this aromatic beverage full of antioxidants)  and my sister got the Chamomile tea, which were both equally delicious herbal teas.

4. The Ambience
My entire tea time experience truly felt English with the cute low tables. It was definitely a calm and relaxing experience with the pianist playing my favorite pop songs in softer tunes. Nobody is rushing you and telling you that you must leave at a certain time – they want you to have a great experience and definitely make you feel like you are royalty while you’re there.

5. The Service/Price
The service from the beginning was impeccable. Not only is each employee extremely welcoming and social, but even the manager came out to greet us and speak to us about the new renovations and ask our opinion on it. I have never met such delightful employees that attend to your every need in a more than timely manner with such a positive attitude. A plus is the extremely reasonable price with all food being unlimited!

Hours of Operation:
Daily: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Reservations are required, call 480 423 2530.

Pricing Monday – Thursday:
Full Tea, $42 per person
Royal Tea, includes sparkling wine $60 per person
Grand Royal Tea, includes Perrier-Jouët, Grand Brut $70 per person

Pricing Friday – Sunday:
Full Tea, $49 per person
Royal Tea, includes sparkling wine $69 per person
Grand Royal Tea, includes Perrier-Jouët, Grand Brut $79 per person

Well, there you have it! Next time you’re in Scottsdale for fun or an event, be sure to get the afternoon tea experience at The Phoenician for a true ‘Phoenician feel!’

Little Blue Book thanks The Phoenician again for an amazing experience and collaboration! 

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