How to Converse With Style.

The look on my face when my vintage rotary telephone arrived in the mail was priceless (a surprise from my sister as a part of my Christmas gift from LNC home). I’ve always wanted one, but didn’t know they existed for purchase. I have an appreciation for the finer things in life and a knack for antique additions to my guest room (Remember my post about ‘The Suite Life?”).

The best part about it is that it actually works and I use it which makes it all that better (yes, I still have a landline- I’m an old school gal). The intricate carvings and designs on it are flawless. However, old devices don’t come without flaws- you can’t silence it and it’s not cordless. Regardless, it is a great fashion decor item and adds a flair to any room in your house!

Get your own here and use it as a real telephone or for a fancy touch to a room:


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