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Why Free Food Isn’t Actually Free.

We are all guilty of it- picking those grapes at the grocery store, going to Costco during lunch time to get free samples, acting like someone handed us a $1,000 check when there is free food at work or going to an event just for the free food. Everyone loves food- that’s why companies try to entice people with free lunch or dinner and we all fall for it. However, it is true what they say- there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Aside from the commercial influence and bribing that comes with free food, the worst part is the harm you’re doing to your body and gaining unknown pounds over time.

1. Calories from free samples can quickly add up equating to or more than a meal without realizing how many small aperitifs you ate.

2. Free food from lunch or dinners also add up- no matter what you get- eating out constantly is never good. Even if you think it is the healthiest thing on the menu, it has more calories, carbs and sugar than if you made it yourself.

So what do I do?

1. My number one rule- I ONLY eat it if it’s something I absolutely love or qualifies as a favorite food.

2. Plan ahead. Find out when you’re going to get free foods and plan what else you eat around that day and week- compensate- don’t forget my tips:

I used to eat free food like a crazy maniac like the rest of America and once I realized these two things, it did wonders on my weight during the week and on weekends in helping to maintain what I had lost.

Don’t act like a hungry hippo, come on now- be classy.

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