• Decor

    How to Converse With Style.

    The look on my face when my vintage rotary telephone arrived in the mail was priceless (a surprise from my sister as a part of my Christmas gift from LNC home). I’ve always wanted one, but didn’t know they existed for purchase. I have an appreciation for the finer things in life and a knack for antique additions to my guest room (Remember my post about ‘The Suite Life?”). The best part about it is that it actually works and I use it which makes it all that better (yes, I still have a landline- I’m an old school gal). The intricate carvings and designs on it are flawless. However,…

  • Food

    The New Quinoa Combo With Brussel Sprouts

    My new obsession is with farro and barley. It is so much thicker and more delicious than quinoa! This brussel sprouts recipe is to die for and super quick! Servings ~2, Calories ~450/serving Ingredients 2 cups farro 2 cups barley Brussel sprouts Spinach or kale Peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or soynuts Garlic Olive oil Salt, pepper and spices to taste Directions 1. Heat up olive oil with garlic and sautee brussel sprouts or put them in the oven for 20 minutes with olive oil and salt for a more crispy texture. 2. Boil farro and barley in a separate pot until soft and drain water. 3. Add spinach or…

  • Health and Fitness

    Why Free Food Isn’t Actually Free.

    We are all guilty of it- picking those grapes at the grocery store, going to Costco during lunch time to get free samples, acting like someone handed us a $1,000 check when there is free food at work or going to an event just for the free food. Everyone loves food- that’s why companies try to entice people with free lunch or dinner and we all fall for it. However, it is true what they say- there is no such thing as a free lunch. Aside from the commercial influence and bribing that comes with free food, the worst part is the harm you’re doing to your body and gaining…

  • Fashion

    Topcoats Aren’t Just for Men.

    I absolutely adore topcoats. Topcoats usually don’t have buttons or zippers and can’t close or they shouldn’t. They are meant to show off your outfit and still provide layers and warmth. Men usually wear it over a suit and leave it open; however, it can be essential for a woman who wants the world to see her outfit. It can also be used as a long blazer to make the outfit appear more dressed up. It’s perfect for Autumn time! Get yours now: