Key Things To Do in Key West

The gorgeous, calm, serene and picturesque waters of the Keys have a way of setting a soothing tone and a familiar sort of comfort. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of a short weekend getaway to the Keys with some of my good friends including my sister and brother in law. Key West was very similar to Nantucket and I fell in love immediately. Read on to see where to stay, where to go and what to do!

Before the Trip

My sister recently moved to SoFlo and we decided to go visit her where we had a short one night stay, but got to see the gorgeous boardwalk in Hollywood while eating delicious tacos from The Taco Spot!








On the Way There

They say the drive from Miami to Key West is one of the most scenic drives. While I didn’t find it to be too amazing, I did find random areas that were picture worthy (see above). The drive can be filled with tons of people creating a lot of traffic since it is a two-lane road, so be sure to plan ahead and leave early if you ever go- especially on the way back on a Sunday!
On our 3.5-4 hour drive to Key West, we had to get our cappucino fix in and to my surprise this cute little cafe popped up on the side of the road, Cafe Moka, and they had the most delicious macarons as well!

Where We Stayed In Key West
We stayed in a suite with all 8 of us at a newer resort called Oceans Edge Key West. As you can see, the views were breathtaking and it was definitely secluded from the hustle and bustle of Duval Street which made it feel extremely exclusive.

Where We Ate
We had dinner at a quaint American-Mexican restaurant on Duval called Mangos. The tacos were absolutely divine and I definitely recommend this place!
And if you go definitely make sure to sit outside in the perfect weather that it was in March and sip on something to cool you down!
For lunch we tried Thai Life which is a floating restaurant on the water adding a unique touch. The cashew curry was amazing and I recommend this for any Thai food lover! The next time I go though, Latitudes is definitely on my list to try!
Another place I highly recommend is The Cafe for anyone, but especially for vegetarians. One of my friends said, “This must be what a meat eater feels like, I’ve never had so many options.” It is an all vegetarian restaurant, but all the meat eaters in our group raved about it. It took me forever to order because everything was delicious and I couldn’t figure out what to get, but finally ended up with this amazing quinoa, avocado, curried chickpeas, apples and almond salad with the most amazing vinaigrette! This was the perfect place for brunch/lunch. Another one on my list for brunch next time is Sarabeth’s! Remember, my experience in NYC?
Be sure to also cool off with this amazing watermelon juice at The Cafe!
Last, but not least, you must try Key Lime pie in Key West since that’s where it was invented! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like key lime pie and didn’t want to try it. However, when we went on our sunset cruise, they had hors d’oeuvres which included some and they were surprisingly delicious!

What We Did
One of the nights we actually did a haunted pub crawl since Key West is one of the top ten haunted places. Although we learned about some interesting stuff (the bar with the bras everywhere, the color haint blue and all about how Chucky the doll was created), I would not recommend that tour. Definitely not on the must-do list. On the bright side… we had some fun interesting inside jokes!
Yes, we went skydiving! This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I’ve been wanting to go skydiving since my sister did it years ago; however, I never did because I was scared I would get motion sick since I do on a normal basis. I also wanted to do it in a very scenic location and Key West was definitely the perfect spot. Also, if you recall, I had said in my NYE resolutions that this was the year I would skydive for the first time. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was up there- the water was breathtaking and a truly amazing experience! Skydive Key West was the perfect location!
The best part was that I got to do it with one of my best friends and we had been talking about doing it together for years! On top of that I got to have family and friends cheer us on! Check out my video here!

This is a definite must! Yes, the southernmost point of America is in Key West and of course we built a landmark to take pictures at. It is very intriguing- there was a line to take pictures and knowing it was 90 miles from Cuba sent chills down my spine!
Another must-do is the Ernest Hemingway house especially if you are a fan of his books. Be sure to plan ahead though as it closes at 5pm!
One of my favorite parts was strolling along Duval street from the Southern tip to the opposite end of the island while going into random art shops, boutique stores and drinking coconut water off the streets. I couldn’t get over the gorgeousness of the island and when I saw a white and blue combination (reminding me of Santorini), I had to stop and snap a shot!
Our last activity was a sunset cruise including champagne and appetizers. I saved it for last because I highly recommend it. Key West is known for its’ gorgeous sunsets and this sailboat definitely captured the beauty of it. If for some reason you cannot go on a boat, then be sure to atleast go to Mallory Square to enjoy the sunset view from there! Also, be sure to squeeze in some beach and pool time!

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