Training Hit a Stand Still? 7 Tips for Running Faster

Whether you are training for a specific event, or just a keen runner looking to keep fit, it’s good to have both long-term targets, and smaller goals. When you are training regularly, it’s only natural to occasionally get stuck. It’s like losing weight, if you go from eating junk, to a strict diet, you’re bound to lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks. But then once your body adjusts, the weight loss slows or even stops, and you need to do more to get the same results. Your body gets used to your exercise routines. You may hit a certain time or distance and find you just cannot break your own best. Here are some tips to help you get past that wall and run faster than you’ve ever run before.

Look After Your Feet

If you are expecting your feet to run faster and support your weight, you need to take care of them. See for information about common foot concerns and how to treat them. Then, pamper your feet. Soak them, get a massage and buy yourself some new running shoes. Just make sure you get fit by a specialist who can analyze your running stride and make sure you are wearing the right shoe.

Add A Muscle Workout

Adding a muscle exercise will help to strengthen your legs, back, and core. All of which are needed to power you on as you run. If you are struggling to move forward with your training, it may be that your legs aren’t strong enough and need some extra toning.

Work on Your Posture

You back and core muscles play a big part in running. To run your fastest, you need to be able to hold your form even when you are facing harsh conditions and moving at speed. Try some yoga and pilates and go swimming to build your core strength.

Take a Break

Sometimes, when you are stuck on anything in life, the best thing to do is to take a break. It might not be your body holding you back; it could be your mind. Take a running holiday and either focus solely on other exercises or have a complete rest.

Change Your Sound

Do you run to music? If so, change what you are listening to. There are apps and podcasts you can download that encourage you to move to the beat of the music. They play specific tracks, with progressively faster beats, until reaching a peak and slowing back down. You may find you run faster without even realizing. See for some of the best options.

Try a New Route

If you always run the same route, or on a treadmill, try changing things up. Your mind may have got bored of the sites. If you know how far you’ve run by getting to landmarks, you may not be pushing yourself as hard as you can. Try running somewhere new.

Look at Your Form

You’ve strengthened your core to help you hold your form. But, you also need to make sure it’s right. Keep your back straight, your stomach tucked in, and your elbows at a 90-degree angle, pushing straight back and forward. Check your form as you run to make sure it’s holding strong.

The most important thing is to keep going and not give up. You will get there; you just need to believe in yourself and keep pushing for more.

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