How to Wear a Pencil Skirt.

Pencil skirts: poise, professional and perfect. I adore pencil skirts and own quite a few of them. Many women think they don’t have a body to wear a pencil skirt; however, that is not true at all. It’s all about how you wear it based on your body type and what you pair it with. That is the beauty of pencil skirts- they fit all types of bodies and they can be worn for any occasion!
If your body is a(n)…

1. Hourglass- Lucky- we all envy you, but your key is to emphasize your waist by tucking in your top or wearing a crop top.

2. Pear-shaped- Wear an oversize top to hide your hips or show off your curves and tuck in your top!

3. Apple-shaped- V necks and a slightly over-size top. Avoid defining your waist.

4. Small torso- High crop tops and mid/high waisted pencil skirts

5. Round belly- Draw attention to your waist and define it by tucking in your top or if you’re uncomfortable, then a flow-y top is best.
How to wear a pencil skirt…

1. Professionally- self-explanatory- dress up shirt, collar shirt or blouse, heels

2. Casually- pair it with a t-shirt and flats or boots

3. Dressed up- silk blouse and stiletto’s

4. Bumming it- with the right fabric you can pair with a small sweatshirt or tank

5. Prepped out- sweater, blazer, dress up shirt or a combination of it all

Some great options for pencil skirts:

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