5 Reasons You Should Drink Red Wine for Weight Loss

I used to hate red wine– I was all about sweet white wines until I went to Italy in 2015 (stick around for my post on Tuscany)! This changed everything for me- all I ever drank was red after that. I knew the health benefits of 5 ounces a day, but I didn’t realize the effect it had on weight loss. I decided to experiment once I came to this realization and here are my conclusions:

1. It helps curb appetite.
Red wine definitely helps me feel fuller (especially the thicker ones). This helps with decreasing and controlling appetite. Next time you’re out waiting for your food and starving, order a glass of red wine instead of reaching for those chips, bread or ordering an appetizer. (Remember my post)?

2. Low carbohydrate drink.
A 5 ounce glass of red wine has about 80-125 calories and it only has 3-4 grams of carbohydrates. That’s AMAZING! Drinking and eating low-carb is a healthy lifestyle change that can be tough to make. Why not reward yourself with a low-carb glass of red wine to help with weight loss?

3. Health Benefits (which lead to weight loss)
Red wine has shown to have health benefits in decreasing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cholesterol to name a few. If you’re overweight or obese, then you’re already at a risk for all of those and more so a glass of red wine will serve a dual purpose (see #1). It’s all the antioxidants!

4. Decreases your waistline.
Okay this is really true- it definitely helped with my waistline. Red wine has a a chemical called ellagic acid which has shown to have a correlation in decreasing the the growth of fat cells which in turn can help your body burn more fat. Remember, this is all based on my experience and research.

5. Helps you eat healthier.
Red wine paired with 85% or more dark chocolate tastes amazing. It also goes great with many cheeses which have 0 grams of carbohydrates (again, another plus). I also noticed that it definitely helps decrease my sweet cravings and made me more inclined to eat healthier.

Again, this is for one 5 ounce glass of red wine– it’s not a beverage of choice if you’re going to be drinking 4-5 glasses, then all the benefits go down the drain. However, the next time you are out somewhere- definitely spring for the glass of red wine over a soft drink or any other alcoholic drink. Also, try drinking 5 ounces daily for 2 weeks and see the effects! Try drinking it before dinner so that you can eat less. Yes, it can cause stains on your teeth, but just brush right after and yes, it is hard to remove stains if it spills, but just don’t be clumsy!

The fact that it tastes amazing is just icing on top of the cake…so, Wine Not?


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