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How to Keep Your Waist and Eat Cake Too.

A big mistake dieters make is SAYING NO to the good stuff! Dieting is not bad; however, it is only temporary and good when you are trying to lose weight for an event or a short period of time. Let’s face it- nobody can stay away from everything they love for an entire lifetime. This is why it should be a healthy lifestyle change rather than a crash diet- I’ve learned this the hard way. I used to be one to diet and then splurge and binge eat on what I love for days and go back to dieting and it became a constant cycle. When you have the biggest sweet tooth on Earth, it is difficult to not satisfy your craving. Instead, there is a healthy balance on how you can eat as much of your favorite sweets as you want and still keep a great waistline. People always ask me, “Wow, I’m so surprised you eat so many sweet or such big pieces of cake and are able to maintain a healthy figure- how do you do it?!” Well, here are all of my secrets:

1. Let It Be Your Meal
Most people will eat a huge meal and then eat big slice of dessert afterwards. That’s insane if you think about it… a 650 calorie meal and then on top of that an entire big slice of cake which is another 350 calories for a total of 1,000 calories for dinner! No way! If you’re going to eat a big slice of cake or something unhealthy- eat it as your meal- not on top of your meal. There are times where I will eat an entire cupcake from Sprinkles (those things are 500 calories) for breakfast or lunch or Ill eat tons of ice cream and cake for dinner which is 700 calories, but this isn’t on top of a meal- it is as my meal. If you’re going to eat a big meal, then I suggest having an extremely little amount of the dessert or none at all. Now, I know this isn’t nutritious and you need to get nutrition from real food; however, I only recommend doing this once in a while- not on a daily basis whatsoever and your body will be fine. I do it whenever I feel like it, but I would say on an average of about once or twice a month.

2. Eat It for Breakfast.
See #1. Studies have actually shown that if you eat dessert for breakfast you’re less likely to have sweet cravings throughout the day and probably won’t eat any more. I tried this theory and it is true for sure. It helped me eat super healthy the rest of the day knowing I ate a really unhealthy breakfast. Also, if you’re going to eat your favorite cupcake that day anyways, then why not eat it in the morning so you have the whole day to burn it off? Sidelines- Georgetown Cupcakes are amazing and only 250 calories!

3. Plan Ahead and Compensate.
Plan ahead- I can’t stress this enough! This doesn’t only apply to desserts, but just eating out (Read: My Post On What To Eat Out) and (Read: How To Lose Weight Eating Out) or at a party or anywhere else (Read: My Post On Eating at Events). If you want to have your favorite dessert, then plan ahead and make sure that you account for those calories and eat fruits, vegetables and protein only through the rest of the day. Also, look up how many calories you’ll be eating from that dessert and be sure to not go over your recommended daily amount with what you eat throughout the rest of the day. I absolutely love Sprinkles’ red velvet ice cream sandwich; however, it is a whopping 750 calories (red velvet ice cream in the middle of a large red velvet cupcake). So whenever I know I will eat this (which isn’t too often about twice a year) I make sure I’ve accounted for it with everything else I eat that day.

4. Eat A Bigger Amount in Smaller Portions.
I used to hate little desserts and small truffles, but I love them now! (Read: My Post on Macarons). You can eat the same amount of calories you would eat with an entire slice of cake, but with 8 macarons or truffles so it feels like you’ve eaten more and you feel more satisfied. Sometimes eating just 2 or 3 is satisfying enough and you’ve knocked your calories in half.

5. Work It Off.
Another thing I can’t stress enough- workout everyday! (Read: Why You Should Workout). Okay- most people won’t workout everyday which is fine, but if you know you’re going to eat something sweet that day, then be sure to workout and help compensate for it!

6. Detox the Day After.
Anytime I have something sweet that’s bad for me, I make sure to make up for it the next day by either eating super healthy or detoxing with a juice or two that includes a green fresh juice- see my post!

7. Only Eat It If You Love It.
This took me a while to comprehend and it sounds obvious, but you should only eat any dessert only if you LOVE it. Don’t jump for it just because it is free at work or with samples. Those calories are hard to burn off and you work hard to maintain your weight so don’t blow it on some dessert that’s “just okay.” Save it for your favorite ones only!

8. Water It Down
It has been shown that drinking a lot of water prior to eating helps you eat less as well as helps less fat be absorbed. Anytime I eat a lot of cake or dessert, I make sure to drink at least 2 glasses of water with it. This will make a world of a difference and it’ll help you feel more toned when all of that sugar makes you jiggle!

9. Contrary to popular belief…DON’T share!
For someone like me with a large sweet tooth- sharing isn’t an option. Some people will say “I’m on a diet do you want to split this dessert?” Don’t do it! I’ve noticed that when I eat only half of something I absolutely love or a bite or two- it has a counter effect and I want more and I end up binge eating. Instead, just eat as much as you want so you can satisfy your craving and then make up for it by following numbers 1-9 above.

10. Make It A Special Treat.
There are those events that you know are going to have really good cake- weddings, baby showers, 1st year old’s birthday party, bridal showers or receptions. When I know I’m going to be going to a party with cake- I make sure that I plan ahead and save enough room and eat very little of the appetizer and/or dinner. Most of the time these events have specialty cakes so why not save your calories for something that you know will be a special treat?

After all, you know you only went to the event because…

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