How to make a REAL Greek Salad.

Remember my Santorini post? Well, just wait until my Mykonos post! When I went to Greece last year, I realized that a “Greek” salad in America is not really a Greek salad. I don’t like the soggy wrinkled lettuce and miniature foul-tasting black olives in them. So when I went to Greece I had sworn off Greek salads until one of my besties Purvi forced me to try them. Then I was OBSESSED.
A Greek salad in Greece (commonly called a horiatiki salad here- remember my post?)  is made of only cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and feta cheese plus or minus black olives and avocado’s.

I eat large servings of this salad (which is surprisingly filling perhaps due to the big feta cheese cubes) for dinner from time to time. It’s fast, simple and extremely delicious!

Servings: ~4, Calories: ~200/serving

1 large red onion (cut length-wise)
4-5 Roma tomatoes (cut in large squares)
1 cucumber (peel and cut in large squares)
1 green bell pepper (cut length-wise)
Cubed feta cheese (large cubes)
Olive oil
Black pepper
+/- big black olives
+/- avocado

Mix everything together. Tip: Add the feta cheese last after everything has been mixed if you are keeping it in large cubes so it does not crumble and fall apart.

Salad Bowl Suggestions:

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