• Fashion

    Why You Should Wear Scarves in the Spring

    I know what you’re thinking- why should I ever wear a scarf in the spring? It’s not cold anymore and I don’t want to think about things to keep me warm. Well, scarves aren’t just for the cold. They are one of my favorite accessories and can be worn in any temperature. What does matter is the type of scarf and how you wear it. One of my favorite types of scarves of all time is a classic french girl scarf like a neck tie. Not only does this spice up the outfit, but adds a polished touch or contrasted look to the outfit (no you won’t look like a…

  • Health and Fitness

    10 Reasons Why Eating Breakfast Will Keep You Lean

    Everyone’s heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” While that is true for brain function, it is also true for weight control. I’ve always eaten breakfast my entire life and I’ve experimented different types of breakfasts and drawn many conclusions. Some people say, “Yes, I eat breakfast,” but their breakfast is a cup of coffee or tea… that is NOT eating breakfast. Here are ten reasons to say yes: Reduces sweet cravings throughout the day. Decreases nighttime snack cravings. Helps you eat smaller meals throughout the day. Keeps you fuller longer to eat lunch and dinner later. Increases your metabolism. Prevents your body from going…

  • Food

    Easy Kale and Butternut Squash Salad

    This salad was surprisingly filling and delicious. I normally don’t like salads with a lot of “greens”; however, this one was extremely satisfying and a quick fix for an appetizer or your actual meal! Servings: 4-5, Calories: ~200-300 (Varies on your ingredients) Ingredients: 1 bag kale (2 if it’s not from Costco) 1 butternut squash cut up into cubes (or 1 container with it pre-cut) 30 red grapes halved length wise 6 pecans crumbled Crumbled feta cheese to taste Olea Oliva’s Green apple vinaigrette 2 tbsp honey Directions: Mix all the ingredients up in a big bowl (adding or taking out what you desire) and garnishing’s of your choice!

  • Fabulous Life of S.A.T

    Deja Vu: May the Fourth Be With You

    This is the same post from last year; however, I have to honor this day every year so refresh your memory and read on- it’s Audrey Hepburn’s birthday and National Star Wars Day! And on top of that, it’s my 2 and a half year wedding anniversary! This makes it extra special for my husband and me– he’s a die hard Star Wars fan and I’m a die hard Audrey fan. And if you’re wondering why May 4th is National Star Wars Day, then… May the Force Be With You! What are you favorites about Star Wars and Audrey? Favorite Star Wars movie: Tied with The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens…