Under the Tuscan Sun.

Tuscany, Italy is absolutely heaven on Earth. The scenery is indescribable with infinite rolling hills for miles and miles where you can’t even tell where the horizon and land meet. We went to Tuscany over a year ago along with Rome, the Emirates, Kerala and Positano (stay tuned for Florence, Venice, Pompeii and Napoli).
We took a day tour from Florence with Viator to Tuscany which consisted of going to a winery, stopping at the most picturesque quaint little town- San Gimignano. We also got to explore Siena and the leaning tower of Pisa! We actually missed the bus from Florence to Tuscany (long story) and so we ended up riding a local bus on our own and catching up with the tour group in Siena.
The winery we went to in San Gimignano was called Fattoria Poggio Alloro. We had a quick little tour of it (which by the way they produce organic wine) and then we were treated to an extremely delicious lunch and a wine tasting.
Full disclosure- before I went to Tuscany, all I ever drank were sweet white wines. When I saw that the tasting included red as well, I actually asked if I could try another white instead. They told me to just try it so with a doubtful look, I ended up picking up the glass. Oh my… I had never tasted anything quite like it- it was so delicious! It was a traditional Chianti and from then on, it was only red. (Remember my post on why you should drink red wine?).
Eating lunch and sipping on wine in the Tuscany was like a dream from a fairytale. It was definitely an amazing experience and I’ll have to go back one day just to explore the entire countryside and stay at their quaint boutique hotel.  Of course my choice will definitely beFattoria Poggio Alloro.
After lunch, we headed over to San Gimignano and explored the town. It was literally just like the movies. Every corner we turned just got better and better. I wanted to sit down at a cafe or bench and just start writing about the gorgeous scenery and simple life people led.
Gelato is of course a must anywhere in Italy. However, there is a famous little gelato place in San Gimignano called Gelateria Dondoli which has earned the title of “Gelato World Champion” multiple times. I had never seen such lines so I knew we definitely had to check it out. This was one of the best ones I’ve had in Italy!
Our day ended with a tour of Pisa and of course with a climb up the leaning tower of Pisa in the square of miracles. I definitely wish we had more time to explore the city!







Lastly, I wanted to explain why I have waited a year and half to write this post! I wanted more of the amazing Chianti I had tried that converted me to a red wine drinker; however, when we got back, I couldn’t remember the name of the winery nor could I find it in any pictures. I emailed Viator and they had no record of it- I searched for an entire year and finally gave up and figured I should write the post. As I was searching for pictures, I came across the picture above of two bottles and realized the name of the winery was on there! I emailed them immediately and Sara, the owner, told me they sell it in certain states in the U.S. (Florida, DC, Texas, Illinois to name a few). I feverishly started my search emailing many folks- Robert Simeone from Simioni Imports guided me and told me that it can be found at certain Whole Foods. I immediately contacted the one in Florida close to my sister’s house and the wine manager there, Belisario Sanchez-Leon (pictured above), ordered it and was able to get it for me in just a couple days! My sister rushed over to get it and I finally was able to enjoy the bliss of real Chianti once again!

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