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The Healthiest, Tastiest and Purest Protein Bar: RX Bar. #LittleBlueBook Giveaway: Get if for FREE!

RX Bar is the most amazing protein bar on Earth that has NO B.S! One day I was shopping at Whole Foods and they had samples out to try and it quickly became a something I ate on a daily basis. In order to lose weight, you need to work out to build muscle and for that- you need protein. For a vegetarian like me, it is difficult to get protein sources in that can taste good so of course like most people, we resort to protein supplements at times. I’ve tried every protein bar out there and while most taste fantastic, they don’t come without the hefty calories, extremely high fat content or artificial chemicals and sweeteners. When I saw the nutrition and ingredients on this bar, I couldn’t believe my eyes! And of course for a pharmacist like me- the name instantly caught my attention.
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Not only does RX Bar not contain any additional sweeteners and preservatives, but it has 12g of protein, 24g of natural carbohydrates (only from the dates that used for binding), 15g of NATURAL sugar (not like artificial sugar or sugar alcohol that causes stomach problems) and 9g of fat with 2g of saturated (mainly from nuts) and it is all about 210 calories with only 80 calories from fat. The important thing to remember is that all of these ingredients and nutrition are natural which is an extremely big deal to look at when comparing nutrition labels.
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RX Bar was created in 2013 by two best friends as a result of CrossFit (I used to be a CrossFitter as well- read about my W.O.D’s). They started experimenting natural and tasty ways to get protein and as a result came up with RX Bar. Each bar has 3-4 standard ingredients:
1) Egg Whites: They are the main source of protein in RX Bar.
2) Dates: Mainly used as a binding agent and natural source of sugar for taste purposes.
3) Nuts: Provide some protein as well and healthy fats.
The recipe though of course is a secret! Maybe one day on SharkTank they’ll disclose it! It is compatible with Paleo, Whole30 (except peanut butter) and gluten-free diets.
RX Bars are amazingly delicious. The texture and chewiness simply add to the mouth-watering bars. I eat one everyday as a part of my lunch. I don’t use it as a meal replacement since my meals are typically 400-450 calories, but it can certainly serve as a snack or a meal replacement for some. I always make sure to drink 2-3 glasses of water (you’ll need it to help digest and supplement the chewy factor). RX Bar was kind enough to send me samples when they found out how big of a fan I was and was more than willing to collaborate with Little Blue Book! My favorite flavors are peanut butter, coconut chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt! Stay tuned as RX Bar is coming out with new flavors soon! You can buy them at, Groupon, Whole Foods, or many other little shops- check it out here!
RX Bar was so pleased with my enthusiasm in wanting to spread word about a healthy way to eat protein that they sent me a few bars to give out to one lucky reader! Want to be the winner? Be the FIRST ONE to:

1) Share this post and tag me and RX Bar on Facebook.

2) Email me a recipe at on how you plan on using RX Bar to make a meal (Hint: Follow RXBar on Instagram and see various ideas).

Regardless of if you win or not, RX Bars are definitely a healthy recipe for success for anyone working to lose or maintain weight with a natural source of protein!


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