The Best of the Royal Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai).

Over a year ago, I went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai along with Kerala, Rome and Positano (click to read posts about each)! I was dying to go to the UAE especially Abu Dhabi. However, I’ve never seen as rich of a city as Dubai anywhere. And the food was to die for! I got hummus and lentil soup everywhere I went- I couldn’t get enough of the variations of dates and baklavas!
Mr. Gentlementality and I stayed in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Palace (yes, the same hotel Sex and the City 2 the movie was filmed)! The intricate details in the decor and structure were absolutely breathtaking. They also had the BEST breakfast buffet I have ever had in my life at a hotel.
Our first day was spent doing a desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi which was an amazing experience and a definite MUST-DO. I had no idea we would be sand-duning in a jeep… definitely not for the weak stomached- it took me hours to recover from the dizziness, but it was WELL worth it. We were taken far into the desert for a full on dance show and again, the BEST dinner buffet I have ever had. The food was included and unlimited!
The next day we took a bus to Dubai and spent the day there. Of course we visited the Burj Khalifa which was very cool, but definitely not a must-do- a definite tourist thing. The highlight of it was when we went to the top and could see the palm islands. The buildings in Dubai are so unique… definitely a modernized and ahead of its’ time city! We did stray out of the city for a bit and took a boat to visit the Gold Souks (also featured in Sex and the City 2).
The Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates were another world. I couldn’t believe it… these malls had theme parks and tons of other activities. I also could not believe how ahead in fashion everyone was… literally every person walking donned some sort of high-end brand.
And of course… only in Dubai would there be a Laduree in the mall!
Our last activity was a visit to the Grand Mosque. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was unbelievable. The marble floors, colorful patters and gold plated domes were surreal. I could spend hours walking around here. You do have to go to a separate room to change into proper attire as you cannot have any skin showing and you must cover your hair out of respect.
I was definitely in love with Dubai… the fashion, the food, the luxurious lifestyle and richness of the city mesmerized me. Not having to pay taxes is just the cherry on top!


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