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Top 5 Reasons Exercise Is A ‘Weigh’ of Life.

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One of the things I hear the most from people is that they don’t want to work out because it is all about what you eat and if you can control what you eat, that you don’t need to work out to lose weight. While that is technically true to some degree (yes, it is 70-80% what you eat and 20-30% working out when it comes to losing weight), exercising provides much more in the long run than just losing weight. After all, it is a ‘weigh’ of life that you should establish.

So, why workout?

  1. Weight loss. It still contributes to weight loss and it will speed up your metabolism. If you are just staring to lose weight- start with cardio and then once you get to a reasonable goal- switch to strength. Ultimately, you want to do both cardio and strength to keep the weight off.
  2. Makes you happy. Yes we all know it- it helps release endorphins and makes you a happier person. This is very true- I workout everyday before work and I’m my best in the mornings.
  3. Confidence. You’ll walk around feeling amazing about your body and looking good. Especially, when you buy that outfit that ‘used’ to be too tight.
  4. Health benefits. As mentioned before, exercising is a way of life and over time it decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and helps increase you good cholesterol. Those are just a few, but workout everyday for a year and you’ll definitely see the results on your blood work.
  5. Routine. Make it a daily routine- it should be a part of your schedule everyday. It needs to be something you MUST do- not only if you have time. It’s like eating everyday- you eat, you workout. I schedule everything around exercising and I get up extra early to do it in the morning. (Stay tune for a later post on why workout in the morning). I’ve never missed a day of working out in the past 5 years of my life unless I was severely sick and neither should you!

Again, the biggest thing you should start with is putting it into your daily schedule and scheduling everything else around it because this is something you should do- not only if you have time! It’s something you make time for just like you do for Netflix, social media, family and friends. Did you know the recommendation is actually 30 minutes of moderate to severe activity 5 days a week? Start with that and eventually make your way up to everyday- contrary to popular belief, it is not bad to workout everyday if you’re doing the right exercises. And yes even on vacation, I never miss a day- neither should you. It’ll help you maintain a healthy lifestyle I promise you!

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