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My NYFW Experience: How to have Glam, Fam and Fun!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week and the honor of attending Asaf Ganot’s show. If you need a quick reminder about what fashion week is, then read my post here! The fact that it was in NYC was just the cherry on top (stay tuned for my NYC post for the trip- see #1 and #2 here). Walking around the city and seeing everyone’s street fashion was eye opening!

How to go to Fashion Week
Typically, a designer has to invite you if you’re not part of the press, a buyer, a magazine editor, a celebrity or a blogger. However, even if you are with a company, you may be assigned to a standing seat which is not a bad thing at all- at least you get to go! Even as a blogger you don’t just rack up an invitation to all the shows. You need to prove yourself and do a lot of legwork, emailing and communication to get in.

What to Wear and Etiquette
These were all of my friends that had the pleasure of attending Asaf Ganot’s show (featured in the middle with a hat on). As you can see, we are all dressed completely differently and a few in street/casual wear. For the most part, most people will try to honor the designer for the show they are attending or wear a piece by the designer. However, I came to realize that it really does not matter what you wear- many people just dressed in their own style making it as glamorous as it can be. As far as etiquette goes, I observed two things: don’t cross your legs in the front row since it gets in the way of pictures of the runway and any time a famous person is spotted, nobody runs up to them and makes a big scene. You should let them be and not run and shout like a crazy fan.

The Show
It was my first time attending so the excitement and adrenaline kicked in quickly. The actual show was such a blur as it only lasted 8.5 minutes, but to see models down the catwalk was truly a rewarding experience. His show was at Chelsea Pier 59 which was a high-end venue for many of the shows all week. The biggest excitement was when we got to go backstage! View the entire Asaf Ganot show here.
Seeing the hustle and bustle before the show was so chaotic and extremely exciting especially for a fashion enthusiast. In the middle of watching the models get ready, gawking at Keke Lingard (a Victoria’s Secret Angel), standing inches from Patty Mills (NBA San Antonio Spurs player), sipping on Vita Coco (compliments of Ira Liran) and watching Asaf get photographed and stopped with every step he took- I could feel my legs melt and I had to pinch myself to remember to act like I belong.
We ran into the seating chart and I couldn’t believe Gentlementality and I were in the second row! It was an honor speaking to Mr. Ganot himself and I couldn’t imagine the feeling of seeing months of work turn into a huge success. The fact that he is a humble and simple person is rewarding.
Model pictures photo credit to Women’s Wear Daily

Asaf’s fall 2017 line featured outerwear for both men and women. My favorite looks are displayed above. Everything is made in Italy with the highest craftsmanship and best quality fabric.

The Bottom Line
The biggest thing I gained from fashion week was that fashion is anything you want it to be and each designer has his/her own spin on things. In short- be your own fashion dictator! Spoken like a true Waldorfian- “Fashion is art, and culture, and history and everything I love combined.”

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