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10 Common Cuisines to Eat at to Be Healthy.

My Wellness Wednesday post from last month focused on tips to not gain weight when you eat out. I wanted to share with everyone what I order at restaurants for the most part for different types of cuisines to try and find the right balance between taste, preference and healthy eats. Mostly everything I get when I go out is around 550 calories.

1. Mexican and/or Mexican Korean
I absolutely love queso; however, I hardly ever eat it at Mexican restaurants since it’s filled with nothing but fat. Here’s my go-to dish (as you may recall from my Savannah and taco posts):

My favorite healthy eat: 2-3 flour tortilla tacos with onions, avocados, green peppers, jalapeños, salsa and crumbled cheese (preferably cotija or Chihuahua) and remember only a couple chips with a bunch of salsa!

2. Italian
Pasta is typically extremely heavy for me and filled with tons of calories so I avoid it completely at restaurants- besides I’m a die hard pizza gal and don’t care much for pasta (nothing compares to the pizza I had at Est Est Est in Roma)!

My favorite healthy eat: Mozzarella, basil and tomato pizza (remember, only eat half) or caprese

3. Thai
It’s inevitable to not order some sort of rice or pasta. However, I only order drunken noodles sparingly. Instead, I stick to tofu, veggies and mango.

My favorite healthy eat: Mango Tofu, Spicy veggie tofu or Spicy basil tofu. I try to ask for sautéed tofu instead of deep fried and load up on a lot of chili sauce- it adds so much flavor and spicy foods help lose weight as well!

4. Chinese
Randomly, I will get Lo Mein, but for the most part I stick to my other favorite…

My favorite healthy eat: Dim sum! Typically, I’ll get steamed vegetable and egg dumplings and dip it in sweet and sour sauce!

5. Japanese
I am a huge sushi and sashimi fan! Can’t get enough! However, I only like it with cream cheese so I typically make my own concoction!

My favorite healthy eat: cream cheese and jalapeños sushi roll (6-8 pieces) with edamame or spicy seaweed

6. Greek/Mediterranean
After I went to Greece, there was a period I was super obsessed. Greek salads here (I don’t like black olives or lettuce) and in Greece are completely different. I found out typically in the U.S. they’re called horiatiki salads (cucumber, tomato, green pepper and feta cheese)!

My favorite healthy eat: Hummus with pita or veggies or horiatiki salads and/or lentil soup

7. American
Ah, American. When I say American- I don’t mean a sports bar or chain. I’m talking about the nicer restaurants- typically ones that have cheese plates! I have a ton of stuff I typically get at these places:

My favorite healthy eat: Cheese boards, roasted brussel sprouts, creamy corn, sweet potato side or some sort of combination!

8. French and Spanish (Tapas)
I don’t go to many French restaurants, but when I do- I absolutely fall in love! However, it doesn’t compare to Paris! Spanish tapas are a must, but only if you love cheese (I don’t like potatoes and paella).

My favorite healthy eat French: Cheese plates or avocado, egg and toast or beet/goat cheese salad
My favorite healthy eat Spanish: Various types of cheeses (sheep is the best)!

9. Indian
Again, I hardly ever like to eat out for Indian food since I’m usually eating it at so many events anyways, but when I go I typically order cheese since it has protein, low carbs and all the taste you need!

My favorite healthy eat: Chili paneer (stay away from the naan and rice)!

10. Brunch
One of my favorite meals to eat with a mimosa! Typically, I’ll substitute cranberry juice for orange or sometimes without juice at all- why add extra sugar when it’s so good without the juice?

My favorite healthy eat: Egg white omelete with cheese and spinach, hearty oatmeal or yogurt parfait. Sometimes I’ll add in a side of biscuit with jam and ketchup (yes, my odd combo)!

Well, there you have it. Try ordering these items the next time you go out to eat to try to be around 550 calories, but remember to watch what you eat and compensate the rest of the day. These are my healthy items that help me maintain my weight. Most of the time, a lot of these are appetizers or sides which you should typically stick to as I mentioned in my previous post. If it’s an entree, then don’t eat the entire plate- always bring home half or share (unless you’re exercising extra that day). And don’t forget, drink at least 3 glasses of water to keep you fuller longer and flush out that fat!

Don’t see a cuisine listed here that you would like more advice on? Contact me here!


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