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Wellness Wednesday: 10 Tips to Eat Out & Still Lose Weight.

As mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution’s post, I am changing Workout Wednesday’s to Wellness Wednesday’s (at times I will still post workout routines or tips). Theres a few reasons for this. I absolutely love to workout and have my workout tips and things to say; however, working out is nothing without watching what you eat and that is also something that should not be temporary- it’s a way of life and should be a permanent change. If you recall one of my first posts ever (Size 10 to the Infamous Size 0)– it talked about how I lost weight over a period of years and did it in a healthy way and managed to keep the weight off. This is exactly why I want to share my knowledge and talk about little tricks and tips I have on losing weight and having a balanced healthy way of life.

These posts will normally be short, sweet and to the point to just give you tips on things to do for weight loss. However, I have a huge disclaimer- I am by no means a nutritionist or a personal trainer- nor do I have any official training in weight loss. Everything I write on this blog is all from personal experience only and does not necessarily mean it is the right way- you should definitely check with your physician before trying anything since things can be different for different people based on conditions you may have.

Changing my focus from workout’s to wellness was inspired by a few of my loyal readers who said they’d be more interested on the ‘How to’ tips that I’ve used in the past and have become a way of life for me so I hope you enjoy it and I am excited to share the wealth!

Tip for the Day: Eat smaller portions.

Honestly, your stomach will shrink over time! When I first started doing this years ago, it was difficult; however, after the first few weeks or month even, your body gets used to eating smaller portions over time. If I eat too much or what would be a ‘normal’ meal for most people, then my stomach literally hurts and I can’t stand up- kind of the feeling you get when you overeat. The biggest change I made when I first started doing this was when I went out to eat. Portion sizes in the U.S. are massive- seriously they are enough for 2 people to eat dinner and sometimes even three. I believe this has made people think it is okay to eat everything on your plate and that bigger portions are needed, but this is most definitely not the case.
10 Tips on Losing Weight at a Restaurant:

1. Don’t be a free loader. If there are “free” appetizers (chips and salsa or bread), then I try to not to eat them at all or if I eat it then I limit myself to 1 piece of bread and a couple chips with salsa. I break the chip into 2 and load it up with as much salsa as I can fit on the chip so this way I feel like I’ve eat 4-5 chips and the salsa has filled me up.

2. Hydrate. I also make sure to drink 1 full glass of water while I am waiting for my food and I make sure to drink 2-3 glasses while I am eating my food because it will definitely make you feel full faster.

3. Apps and sides only please. I never order an appetizer and then an entree on top of that. Appetizers are big enough to be your entree for the most part so I usually order from the appetizers to be my entree or if I order from the entree then I make sure to take half home and never eat the full plate.

4. Know what you’ll order before you go. I always plan ahead and look at the menu before I go anywhere and try to find nutrition information and limit it to no more than 550 calories. A common misconception people have about vegetarians (FYI I am a vegetarian) is that you can eat more because it is less calories. That is so not true- many vegetarian plates are more calories than meat plates.

5. Plan and count calories. This goes hand in hand with #4. I never ‘eat out on a whim.’ It’s always something I know beforehand so that I can plan how to eat the rest of the day. I try to save about 600 calories for dinner if I am going out to eat (sometimes 700 depending on where I am going). This means you should space out what you eat the whole day and make sure to eat healthy low-cal fiber filled snacks/meals.

6. Beware of entree salads. I never order a salad that has “greens” in it. This is because usually it has too much greens and it doesn’t end up being filling and then I feel hungry. Also, the stuff that makes the salad good is usually super calorie filled and most of the time the “entree salad” has more calories than actual meals. However, I do get a small appetizer salad from time to time with a side as my meal.

7. Say no to desert. You don’t need to eat an entire meal and then a dessert on top of that. The times I do order a dessert, I make sure that I am splitting it with multiple people and I factor that in when I am ordering my entree because then I order something much smaller. Desserts at restaurants are insanely bad for you- super calorie, carb and sugar filled.

8. A glass of red wine will do the trick. There are times where I will order a glass of red wine (only 1) when I am starving and I need food right away. It definitely satisfies you and fills you up for the time being until your food arrives and is actually very good for you (stay tuned on my post about red wine).

9. Be assertive. There’s always something healthy you can order everywhere. However, there are many restaurants where it is not so obvious and you have to make your own concoction. I am always the person asking the waiter/waitress if I can substitute this or that or get this or that which may not be on the menu.

10. Splurge at times. There are of course times where I don’t follow these rules, but if I do that, then I make sure that I am only eating out once that week. I don’t like eating out more then once a week, but there are many times that happens in which case I’ll eat a little beforehand and then eat something small and allow myself one splurge- I may eat more chips or a couple pieces of bread or order something with more calories, but again- I make up for it in other ways by working out more or ‘detoxing’ the next day with mainly fruits and vegetables for my meals the day after!

Stay tuned for my February Wellness Wednesday post where I will talk about what to order at different types of restaurants and what to eat during the day leading up to your outing!


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