Fashion Friday: Ro-be-lty! (rOh-buhl-tee)

Every gal should own a robe. I’m not talking about robes you wear right out of the shower or while you get ready. I’m talking about ones that make you feel like royalty around the house purely for luxury. One that is soft and smooth, but not silky so that you can wear it no matter the weather. The best material for this type of robe is modal which may be combined with polyester. Modal is a type of fabric used for many bedsheets or pajamas. Why wear a robe you ask?

1. Something nice to have on when you roll the trashcan in and say hi to the neighbors.

2. You can still wear that shirt you’ve had for years but has holes in it because the robe covers it and makes it look awesome.

3. When you have overnight guests and you’ve binge ate too much and want to cover those stomach rolls.

4. Being wrapped in silk, cotton or modal when you’re ‘just laying around the house’ makes you feel like a million bucks.

5. You’ll feel like royalty. Hence the title. Oh and please make sure it is long and tailored- it should fit you perfectly to make you feel great.

Here are some options:

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