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Workout Wednesday: Look at your Physique…57!

desktop57-1First and foremost, confidence gear:
Skinny Up Pants | Slim Fit Leggings | Yoga LeggingsHalf Grip Socks | Top

I am absolutely obsessed with Physique 57. There are studios, but only in certain cities- NYC, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Dubai and Bangkok. However, there is an online version that you can do for $30/month and a one week free trial! Physique 57 is very similar to barre using your own bodyweight as resistance targeting muscles all over your body. This process is called interval overload for which exercises rotate between arm, thigh, seat, waist and ab exercises. You can definitely see changes in your body even after the one week free trial!

Want to try a quick version at home? All the celebs are doing it, get on board!
Workout 1 | Workout 2 | Workout 3


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