Santorini Blues

thumb_img_1927_1024Santorini– the most peaceful and gorgeous place on Earth. About four months ago, a few of my best friends and I went on a couples trip to Greece for our 30th birthdays as you may recall.  This wintery weather has gotten me to reminisce about the best place in Greece- Santorini! We stayed close to Fira at The Volcano Suites Hotel where the views were gorgeous (see above). Santorini is divided into 3 main areas: Fira, Imerovigli and Oia.
thumb_img_1771_1024We took a ferry from Mykonos to gorgeous Santorini. That evening we went into Fira to see the town, eat and shop around (we ate at this whole in the wall called Lucky’s). My hubby and friend decided to do this fish spa thing where they eat your dead skin- no thank you!
thumb_img_1793_1024The next day we did a 13 mile hike from Fira to Oia! It’s an extremely popular hike to do to see the amazing views along the way. We woke up at 5am- the Santorini sun is very strong in the summer and it takes about 4-5 hours. Although I probably wouldn’t do it again, the scenery made it worth it- it was absolutely breathtaking. The next time I go back to Santorini- I am definitely staying in Imerovigli as it was so peaceful and had the best views.thumb_img_1814_1024And finally- the ‘iconic’ Santorini picture…
thumb_img_1855_1024Along our 13 mile hike, I kept saying “Where are the blue domes?!” I honestly used to think the entire island looked like the picture above. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it is not true at all. We were on the hunt for these blue domes and finally found the iconic picture in Oia behind a very nice jewelry store- it is definitely hidden, but so worth it!
14102831_10105892151108790_8287688794546132755_oThat evening we went to Catch in Oia to watch the sunset. The food was absolutely delicious and the view on the rooftop was perfect- highly recommended!
thumb_img_1889_1024The next day we rented ATV’s and went to the black sand beach which was extremely hot sand! We ate by the beach and the ladies also got massages at the hotel looking over the water- highly recommended!
thumb_img_1813_1024We also enjoyed some pool time to soak up the sun! Ever wondered why all of the buildings are white? There are many reasons that you can read about here, but it definitely does work on fighting the heat!
thumb_img_1928_1024On our last night, we went to Santo Wines Winery. There’s a gorgeous view of the sunset and the wine tasting it nothing like I’ve ever seen! Greek wine is very different and bold, but very good!
thumb_img_1916_1024There’s many things to do in Santorini, but here is my list of must do’s: watch the sunset from a great location, Santo’s Winery, walking around in Oia, visit the blue domes, stay in Imerovigli and soak in the views! The food is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t get enough of Greek food as well as the blue and white combination (one of my favorites)! Stay tuned for more posts to the other areas we visited in Greece- Mykonos and Athens!

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