Fashion Friday: Scarf It Down

p1020818I absolutely love scarves. They are my favorite accessory in the fall aside from my jacket. However, the standard knot that every gal does with her scarf just isn’t enough. Tired of the boring pretzel (displayed above)? There are so many ways to wear one; here are 5 new ways to be stylish this winter:

1. Let-It-Hang: Wrap it around your neck and leave it untied in the front.

2. One-Sided: Put a scarf over one shoulder for a pop of a color.

3. Double-Sided: Tie a knot around your neck and let one side over your front and the other over your back.

4. Round-About: Circle your scarf around your neck loosely for an infinity look.

5. Neck-Tie: Tie a knot and let it hang loosely lower on the neckline in place of a necklace

Yes, please- I want one:


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