The Age of Dissonance

The-age-of-dissonance-2x18-blair-waldorf-5809795-1800-1200Kids these days… I mean these millennial’s- honestly, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is not how it was done back in the day when I was growing up. I didn’t own my own cell phone until I was in college (shared one with my sister in high school), I had a set “internet” time everyday for 30 minutes so the phone line would not be tied up and I actually talked to my friends on the phones for hours- not texted or social media’d them or Whatsapp’d them all at once. I seriously wonder about social skills these days- even mine- it’s easier to text than pick up the phone or send an email than to walk over, but the old school ways have a purpose.

On the other hand, that is why I love The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. The book is about the lives of the insanely rich who lived in NYC during the Gilded Age. It’s about tradition and when to follow and go against it. Of course there is a movie, but you should definitely read the book to get the full effect. Gossip Girl does a great job of portraying the book and making a satire out of it in season 2 (it’s displayed as an extremely short play).  One thing is for sure though- whether it is the 1920s or 2000s- some things never change.


  1. Vandana says:

    Dear Raj,

    You are 100% correct something never change. they are ” Ever Green ” . I am very proud of you growing so wisely . Keep doing good work my dear.

    Love you

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